"New Breakthrough Discovery In Psychology Helps You Eliminate Food Cravings That Are Destroying Your Chances Of Losing Weight So You Can
FINALLY Take Control Of Your Emotions, Lose Weight, And Transform Yourself Into the Sexy,
Attractive Person You've Always Wanted To Be"


"I've successfully helped thousands of clients lose weight and achieve the lean, toned bodies they've always wanted. And I guarantee I can help you get the same incredible results... in fact, I want to prove it to you!

If you're ready to finally say goodbye to cravings and poor food choices that are holding you back from losing weight... I'm going to give you diet techniques and training strategies that WORK... along with some personal, hand-holding... all from the comfort of your home."


From the Desk of: Jim Katsoulis
Thursday, 11:37 AM




Why do some people lose weight so easily-while others try everything possible and barely lose a pound? Have you ever wondered why being thin can be so difficult even though you want it so badly?

What if you could drop 5, 10, 20 pounds permanently all on auto-pilot...
no dieting, no pills, no deprivation.


If one article can give you the information you need to transform your mind and body once and for all, this is it. Once you have read this entire article, you will never be able to think about your body and how you lost weight the same way ever again.


Before you continue reading this article, let me warn you about what you are going to experience.You will find yourself learning things that are so obvious and common sense that you will wonder:

How come I never realized that before?”

Relax. This is normal

You are about to learn the most overlooked truth of how to create the body you want, and it is probably not what you are thinking.


You can enjoy a level of control over yourself, that you never dreamed possible. But you must do one thing. You’ll only have to do it for the next few minutes, but  this one thing could be the difference between a life of physical pleasure or emotional pain.

You need to stop
and take everything you know about weight loss, all your beliefs and ideas, and THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW. At least until you finish reading this article (you’ll see why in a moment).


You could spend the rest of your life struggling and fighting to keep your weight down. Jumping from diet to diet, always searching for the next miracle pill, but you know that you won’t have a thin lean body until you know how to control your mind.

Choices, Emotions, and Orgasms

Let's begin with two eternal truths about human behavior that will never change (and this is the key to why these methods will work for you).

Eternal Truth #1:

People always make the best choice they have


The real reason most people struggle with weight is because they think that being thin will be too hard. They think being thin will be a constant struggle or even worse that they'll suffer through dieting and the weight still won't come off.

The biggest problem is that people give themselves crappy choices. They say:

"I can be overweight and eat what I want
I can be thin but be bored, stressed, miserable, and deprived."

When it's put like that, which would you choose? When your choices improve you'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you begin to lose weight.


Eternal Truth #2:
People do things for EMOTIONAL REASONS


Why do people eat dessert when they want to lose weight?
Why do people smoke when they know it'll kill them?


Because people do things for EMOTIONAL REASONS, then justify it logically.This is why people struggle to lose weight. They think about all the reasons why they should go on a diet. "I'd be healthier", "I'd feel better", blah, blah, blah.


The problem is that when those logical sanitized reasons come up against the orgasmic thought that is chocolate cake, the diet goes out the window, it's no match.


My point is that people need to fight fire with fire. You need to get down and dirty with your cravings in a way that is effective and FUN.

That is where Program Yourself Thin 2.0 comes into play...


Stop Sign

“Have You Decided To Be Thin?”

Until you make this decision you will struggle or fail to be thin. Sorry to be so harsh, but I owe it to you to be honest. I have never seen a single person succeed without first making a decision to succeed.


Now, if you have decided to be thin and are still struggling to make it happen, there is only one reason….

You don’t “know how to be thin

That’s right. You don’t know how to be thin. Relax. It’s not your fault, did anyone ever teach you?

You see, our habits have more to do with our weight than any genetics. And that is good news for you.


To become permanently thin and lean, you need to know HOW to think, act, and respond like a thin person does. Let me repeat, it is easy to know what to do, but you get results when you know HOW to do it.


Don’t take my word for it, see for
yourself by answering these questions:

When you’re stressed, sad, or lonely do
you have a way to feel better without food?
As you’re eating, do you recognize when
you’ve had enough food and then stop?
Could you list 5 fast, easy, and healthy meals
that taste really good off the top of your head?


If you could answer yes to these questions, don’t
you think your body would look different?

What are you doing? it says not to read this (it’s even in red). But then again if you’re like 99% of us humans then your curiosity is raised about things you aren’t supposed to do, it's just a natural response. This is one of the reasons diets don’t work because as soon as you “ban” something it immediately becomes MORE tempting.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing
over and over, expecting a different result.

Do yourself a favor. Take a moment and answer these questions.


*Have you or anyone you know been successful at permanently 
losing  weight by dieting?
*How many times will you try losing weight by dieting?
*How many times would it take to finally realize that it doesn’t work?
*Are you convinced that it might be time to try another way?


Listen, I understand because I was there. I thought the only way to become  thin was to focus on avoiding bad foods I was eating, and I could never figure out why it didn’t work.

Top 5 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

 #5: Diets Make You Feel Deprived.
Diets focus on what you can’t eat, and that naturally
increases the feelings of missing out on something.

#4: Your Mind Thinks of Diets as Temporary.
Usually diets are seen as a change in behavior until a
certain amount of weight is lost. But what happens then?

# 3: Diets Are Really Easy to Fail At.
Most diets require you follow the plan to the letter all
the time, and when you slip it is really hard to start again.

#2: You Need Constant Willpower and Discipline
It is impossible to stay focused and motivated all the
time, and that causes “slipping” or “falling off the wagon”.

and the number one reason diets don’t work...
#1: Diets are Boring.


How Long Will It
Take To See Results?

Never mind trying to lose 5 pounds a week. Let's get real and figure out exactly how quickly you can see results that last. Remember, there is a mathematical equation to your weight loss. Regardless of age, genetics, or history this equation remains true.


Before you continue answer this question:

What is your ideal weight? ______


Warm up

What are the answers to these questions?

1. 6 — _X_= 4
2. 18 — _X_= 9
3. 44 — _X_= 30


Now here are the real questions.
Make sure that you answer each question in order!

Do you understand how quickly you can make this happen?

This is your chance to finally have the body that you have always wanted. To experience the kind of confidence that comes with a physique that is lean and strong. To be able to wear clothes that make you look and feel incredible. To feel the adrenaline rush of stepping on the scale and seeing you’ve dropped 4 more pounds.

The True Secret to
Permanent Weight Loss

Everyone knows that in order to permanently lose weight you need to change your habits. But how do you do that? This is the most important and for some reason overlooked  part of most weight loss programs.

Wouldn’t you agree that it is easy to know what to do, but is harder to actually do it? You know what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. You know you should exercise more, but you don’t do it.

If you had the ability to program your mind so that you craved fruit and salads, automatically ate slower, and exercised everyday, would your body look different?

Of course it would, you see so many people try to lose weight by fighting against there “favorite” foods. But what would happen if you could program yourself to feel complete and total indifference for those foods instead.

When you do that, the weight loss process becomes automatic and enjoyable because instead of fighting against cravings, you’re unplugging them. This is one ability alone will transform your body.

Stop for a moment, and think about what YOU would change:

a: Would you eliminate snacking?
b: Would you eat more fruit?
c: Would you stop eating once you were satisfied?
d: All of the above.

If this became the natural way that you acted around food, do you think you would look different?

Do you know what the worst
way to create change is?

It probably isn’t what you think. I’ll give you a clue, it begins with W.
Give up?

Okay I’ll tell you, it‘s by relying on Willpower.

I know this may sound crazy, but indulge me for a minute,
pretend this may be true and I’ll show you why...

You Have Two Brains  


You see everyone has two brains:

the Conscious Brain
the Unconscious Brain


Now the difference between them is huge.

The Conscious Brain is the part of you that is logical and rational, it is where your willpower lives,  it is the part that knows you shouldn’t eat that cookie.


The Unconscious Brain is the part of you that carries out automatic functions, such as breathing, but it also stores all your habits.


Let me give you an example of the difference.

When you first learned to read you had to practice continually this was conscious learning.


You practiced reading and writing the letters over and over, you slowly sounded out each word, learned what it meant, and eventually it became automatic for you.


You see even right now as you read this you do not have to think about how to read. You just do it. As a matter of fact you couldn’t look at these words and not understand them.


I’ll prove it to you, go ahead and try, I dare you.
Look at the following word and try not to understand it: 



Can you do it? I bet you can’t. Let me make it easier for you.

Try not to understand the following...


Yuor mnid is
aimazngly perofwul!

Wloceme to a wrold of hddien potential. Brtheae, realx, and konw that cahnge is esay when you use the peowr of your unconscouis mnid, the smae part taht atiutocamally understands thsee wrods.


What??? You still understood?


The reason for this is because the unconscious mind is so much quicker and powerful than the conscious mind. Think about it, your unconscious mind knows how to read, write, tie your shoes, drive a car, use a computer, cook, walk, and a million other things you never think about, but do automatically everyday.


So if you want to automatically be thin you must program your unconscious mind. Rather than fighting cravings and bad habits you can program in new cravings and habits that will make you thin. Remember:

chagne is esay wehn you konw how 


Be The Programmer,
Not The Programmed

Everywhere we turn, our emotions are being manipulated. We're constantly bombarded with messages telling us to eat every time we feel good, bad, angry, depressed, etc.

This creates a condition known as the Endless Hunger. A hunger that never seems to go away no matter how much we eat. Why? Because we look for emotional satisfaction from food.

Ever sit on the sofa and eat to "unwind and relax"?
Ever get something to eat to take your mind off of something?
Ever eat because you were lonely or bored?

Did eating really make you feel better in those situations, or did you feel worse once the guilt and frustration kicked in? Now imagine that you could change your emotional responses to food.


Imagine having an intense craving for salad, or that when you got stressed you felt like you needed to have some fruit. If you know how to program these emotional responses into your mind, then you control your weight... you become the programmer instead of the programmed.


Program Yourself Thin will teach you how to create these new responses... and just as importantly, it'll show you how to KEEP THEM.


And best of all, since this course is based on programming your mind and emotions, you'll be able to feel satisfied and comfortable while you return to your natural weight.


This is powerful stuff. And it might even be hard to believe, but I've been using this approach to help people change for a long time...


Who I Am and Why You
Should Listen to Me


My name is Jim Katsoulis and it's taken me over THREE THOUSAND private weight loss sessions, and tens of thousands of dollars in training to create this course. I've trained personally with the creator of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Richard Bandler, I'm a Master Hypnotist and certified Yoga Instructor.


You see there was a time, before I knew these things when I was fat. It may be hard to believe looking at me now, but it is true. I was 50 pounds heavier than I should have been, 50 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. I dieted, worked out obsessively, stopped eating, only to end up where I started.


Thankfully, I was exposed to information that taught me how to literally “re-program” my mind so that I would automatically remain within 5 pounds of my natural weight from that point forward. No dieting, no deprivation, no depression, and no will power necessary.


I was so excited about the results I was got, that I dedicated myself to helping people achieve the same thing, and I have.


Does This New
Approach Really


This isn't some spur of the moment gimmick. I've been teaching and using the techniques in the Program Yourself Thin course to help people lose weight for over 10 years. And it's worked pretty well.


But instead of me telling you how great this approach works, I thought I'd let some of my customers and subscribers tell you. These are a few of the testimonials that I have on file.



"I recently completed your Program Yourself Thin course, and I must say, I have had wonderful results so far. I have lost almost 40 lbs, and now walk more or less regularly 2X a day; walking about 8 miles a day in two sessions (on top of taking Jujitsu 2X/week, yoga and a strength and stretch class). Had you told me 3 months ago I would be doing all this on a regular basis (or even once in awhile), I would have told you you were NUTS. I have about 90 pounds to go to my goal weight, and can actually visualize myself finishing this .I have never been able to get all my ducks in a row for serious weight loss before this, and I am very pleased."
-Tammy M


65 Pounds gone. This is how everyone is going to create the body they want. It makes so much sense. Just a few of the things I learned changed my entire life. Everyone should learn this stuff. It is amazing how much happier I am living the way I do now. I was at a point where I didn't know what to do, I had tried all the diets and nothing was working. I feel like I'm free, I had never realized how much food was controlling my life. I am grateful to have found this course and taken action. Being thin is one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever been on.”
- M Pellino, Montreal, Canada

I'm glad to finally see something real about weight loss. It's been a long time coming and I hope you stick around for a long time to come.
-PJ, Columbus, Ohio

Amazing. 35 pounds in 3 months. The most success I’ve had ever, and the best part is that it was so easy. I’ve lost weight before, but it was always so stressful because I knew in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the diet and that it wouldn't last.This time it feels completely natural and automatic .I am literally a new person. I really do think, act, and respond like a thin person, which is amazing because I had been overweight since before I was a teenager. Your program made it so clear for me and I want you to know that it has changed my life."
- Anne, La Jolla, CA

Jim, thanks for the regular updates - you're always dropping in some fresh ideas to keep me evolving on my health journey - it keeps me on my toes!
-Heather, Chichester, England


Jim, each week I learn something that makes it a little easier to 'grow' myself smaller! Thanks for the support!
- Sharon, House Springs,MO


“Jim, I writing to keep up my part of our bargain. "Program Yourself Thin" has changed my life by 40 pounds. And this is coming from a total skeptic. I got to admit I didn't know if I believed at first, but I figured "what the hell, there's a guarantee", I'm so glad I did. Having this new body is great, but it is nothing compared to how I feel now. I used to be avoid going out because I felt no confidence, but now I just enjoy myself. It is so much better. And another thing that is so cool, is how people are always coming up to me and asking how I did it. The attention is really fun. Thank you, Jim”
Mark A, Portland, OR


Thank you Jim for making this program. I'm happy to report that because of Program Yourself Thin I've never felt so much confidence in my body. I had trouble believing you at first that you could be fat and confident, but I could. And once I began feeling good about myself the weight came off easily and stayed off. 26 Pounds of it! Your approach to change is amazing because it's so easy and it's so effective.
- Kathryn, Baker, ID


Hi Jim, You couldn't imagine what I'm learning from you - not only your weight loss course, which is excellent - but also in the area of customer satisfaction! I must say that letting go of my old habits and beliefs is a totally new experience for me. I used the Atkins diet to lose weight, and what i did was totally counter productive. Now i don't even really like peanuts that much anymore. How's that for a change. Damn, i even have problems calling my old habits 'eating' now, as the word now has a totally new meaning for me since i started using your program So, long story short, thank you thank you thank you thank you! And thank you again!
- Peter, Delft, Holland


It's not about the food, it's about what's going on in your head. Jim's programs get at what it really takes to change. The audio programs are a great investment you can use over and over to help yourself get and stay on track for better health.
- Caryn, Arlington, VA


Right away, your methods have helped me achieve greater relaxation and better sleep. I find myself wanting salads and fruit and vegetables more and more and junk food less and less. Thanks!
- L Houston, TX


As one of your first clients I lost 45 lbs. that was three years ago. I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference it has made in my life. Much gratitude.
-Janice, W. Sprfld, MA


I have had so many a-ha moments from reading your e-zine! It always has helpful, practical ways to change the way I think about myself and food. Keep up the great work!
- Alisa, Grapevine, TX


As someone who tried everything I can tell you first hand that this is by far the best approach there is to losign weight for good. You know the coolest part is that I didn't lose a lot at first, but because of your course it didn't matter, and I continued eating well. And I'm now 38 pounds lighter! And have stayed at the same weight for the last year. Thank you Jim.
- Teresa, Burlington, VT


I've struggled my whole life with weight. And for the first time I can say that I feel in control, not in a stressful willpower way, but in a natural way. And with this new approach I've lost 23 pounds! Thank you, Jim, your program really works.
- Mike Grasso, SD


The Program Yourself Thin course is really amazing and lives up to its promises. Having you, Jim, coaching and teaching weekly is really the key to success. Thanks so much and I look forward to continuing this process with you.
- Angie, Keene, NH


I'm down 17.5 pounds since I started your program. The ongoing support is very helpful. I don't feel like I'm on a diet at all.
- Will, BlueSprings, MO


You give great insight and blow the sensationalists out of the water. With your information and support and my effort I've lost 50 pounds to date. My goal is getting closer, Thanks.
- Anthony, Edmonton, Canada


“I’ve tried every diet program out there. The few times I got good results it didn’t last and I would be right back to my original weight. After working with Jim I have dropped over 70 pounds, but the amazing thing was how easy it was. It’s like it just happened automatically
-Peter Putnam, Walpole, NH


This is just a sampling of the notes I've received. There are a lot more... but they all say the same thing - this stuff works. Remember, change is easy when you know how.


But that doesn't matter nearly as much as this question:


How Can This Help You
Return To Your Natural Weight


The bottom line is that I've poured my heart and soul into this program, and nothing is being left out. This is a COMPLETE step by step system to creating the exact body that you want.



Look at everything that's in this course:

A "Quick Start Guide Video" to act as your road map to the course- I want to make sure you get the most out of this course - in the least possible time. This guide will give you a solid plan and get you up to speed immediately.


Eight Audio Training Modules to take you step by step through the process of programming yourself thin - including Creating Your New Self Image, the Science of Personal Change, How to Eliminate Emotional Eating, and more. All classes come with notes for easy reference.


6 Specialized Self Hypnotic Programming Sessions - sit back, relax, and let me program your mind to automatically crave healthy food, enjoy exercise, speed up your metabolism, and more...


Training Videos - reinforce everything that you're learning with these weight loss training videos. Watch how quickly your body returns to its natural weight when you put the the ideas in these videos into action.


Expert Interviews - listen to top Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Experts share their most powerful strategies for getting the body of your dreams.


Class Summaries - when you're short on time listen to these 30 minute class reviews to get the most powerful techniques in the least amount of time.


Sure, it's huge. And it delivers cutting edge content from the first guide to the last training module. But it's NOT just a bunch of random ideas thrown together. You get a complete method for transforming your body... permanently.

Let's take a closer look at the heart of the course...

The Eight
Training Modules...

Class #1:
Designing Your New
"Thin" Self Image

"If you don't know where you're going,
any road will take you there."

-Lewis Carroll


Have you ever felt like you keep sabotaging your own success? Not any more. Dive into your unconscious and create a new self image that is congruent with the goals that you want to achieve in your life.


This whole program begins with you defining exactly who you are going to be and what you're going to look like. Successful Weight loss is much more than just dropping pounds, it's about living a new life.

In this module you'll learn:
The 2 Secrets to Instant Change
Where Your Self Image Came From
How To Align Your Core Beliefs
The Power Of Congruence


Class #2:

Installing Your New
"Thin" Self Image

Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become
- Maxwell Maltz


This has been described by many as the missing piece in their change puzzle. Take your self image and install it, so that it runs your new healthy behaviors automatically.

You'll be shocked when you see how natural it feels to eat well and you'll begin to realize how it's possible to change without using any willpower.

In this module you'll learn:
How to Make Change Comfortable
The "Body Programming" Technique
How to Perceive In New Ways
To Feel Like A "Thin Person"


Class #3:

The Science Of
Personal Change

"Change is easy, when you know how"
-Jim Katsoulis


Most people are in the dark when it comes to knowing how to create change. You will learn the different parts of your mind that run your habits, and how to control them.

When you know this information, changing your beliefs and behaviors becomes as easy as following a recipe.


In this module you'll learn:
How to Use Hypnotic Programming
Harness the Power of Your Unconscious Mind
How to Set Your Weight Like A Thermostat
Why Willpower Doesn't Work


Class #4:

Eliminating Emotional Eating

"You can't control the wind,
but you can control your sails."



If emotional eating didn't exist, there would be very little problem with weight. Learn what emotional eating really is, and how to truly fill those emotional needs.

This is one of the most valuable sections of the course because you'll discover how to feel powerful and motivated regardless of your weight or situation. This is one of the important secrets to creating change, to be able to feel good intentionally.

In this module you'll learn:
The Emotional Recipes that You Control
The 2 Components of Your "State"
How to Create Positive, Empowering Emoti
How to End Emotional Eating

Class #5:

Mastering Motivation

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."
-Zig Ziglar

When you understand how to control motivation, weight loss becomes simple. You're going to learn how to control your focus and attention to master your motivation.

You'll never have to wonder where your motivation went to after this class because you're going to find out the driving forces that allow you to feel on top of the world at will.

In this module you'll learn:
How to Control Your Focus
How to Love Exercising
What Increases and Decreases Motivation
The Yogic Method To Control Your Thoughts


Class #6:

Talking Yourself Thin

"If you don't know where you're going,
any road will take you there."

-Lewis Carroll


It is estimated that we are exposed to over 3,000 ads every day. Learn the tricks that advertisers use to persuade us, and take control of this powerful information to persuade yourself into craving things that are truly good for you.

With this information willpower becomes unnecessary because you automatically find yourself craving the things that make you thin.


In this module you'll learn:
Why Ads Don't Make Sense
How to Influence Yourself
How to Crave Healthy Foods
The "Theatre of The Mind" Technique


Class #7:

Strategies for
Automatic Weight Loss

"The best way to predict the
future is to invent it"

- Alan Kay


95% of dieters end up failing ultimately. Unfortunately, these are the same people that most of us are learning how to lose weight from. In this class you're going to learn cutting edge strategies from people who have successfully transformed their bodies.

When you understand how to effectively control your cravings, eat well and exercise in a fun and enjoyable way, weight loss becomes automatic.

In this module you'll learn:

How to Short Circuit Sabotage
The Power of Letting Go
How to Create Lasting Healthy Habits
The Magic of Certainty


Class #8:

Ultimate Success

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."
- William Feather


The most important skill in permanent weight loss is being able to get back on track. You're going to understand that weight loss is a long term thing. And like anything that is long term there are going to be cycles of great strides and long plateau's.

True success is not an all or nothing thing. It's about being able to learn from your mistakes, so that they aren't repeated in the future. When you've done this enough times, weight loss becomes automatic.

In this module you'll learn:

The Ultimate Success Formula
How to Re-Motivate Yourself At Will
The 4 Questions That Guarantee Your Success
How to Create Unstoppable Strategies

in addition to the core training program, you also get...


Six Self Hypnosis Sessions...

The New Thin Me
Craving Eliminator
Ultimate Relaxation
Think, Act, and RespondAs a Thin Person
Motivation Auto-Pilot
Successful Habit Reinforcer


14 Weight Loss Videos
Let these videos transform your thinking and behaviors in a fun and enjoyable way.


New studies in accelerated learning show that the fastest and most effective way to learn is to be exposed to the information in multiple ways. You've already got audio and print, now you can add video as well. Here are some of the videos that you'll get absolutely free...

Designing Your
Dream Body

How To Create
Natural Motivation

How To Change
Your Habits

Avoid the 2 most common mistakes to changing habits and see how easy automatic change can be.

Pavlov's Weight
Loss Secrets

What is associative conditioning and how can it cause easy and automatic weight loss.

How To Eliminate
Food Cravings

Find out how what you see influences how you feel, and discover how to eliminate cravings easily and automatically.

Self Hypnosis:
Hypnotize Yourself

What is your dream body? Find out why having a clear idea of what you want is so important to your success.

Your Dream Body

What is your dream body? Find out why having a clear idea of what you want is so important to your success.

Don't Lose Weight

Find out how your mind works and discover that will power is no match for your imagination.

is Reality

Weight loss is easy when you can control your focus.

The Weight
Loss Secret

3 Reasons why water is so valuable to permanent weight loss.

Relaxing at the Beach

Feel instant relaxation when you visualize yourself on a mini vacation and meditate with this calm and relaxing trip to a beautiful beach.

Instant Relaxation

and relax...

and these videos:

- Think Yourself Thin
- What Is Beauty?
- A New Way To Think About Weight Loss
- Creating a New Self Image
- Keep Talking To Yourself

Bonus Ebooks

Holistic Healing Secrets


Take back your power to heal yourself. The secrets in this book will help you tap into your bodies natural ability to heal itself from the inside out.

Insider Nutrition Secrets


Take control of your nutrition and watch your energy levels go through the roof. Discover the secrets that your doctors not telling you about.

177 Ways To
Burn Calories


Discover over 177 ideas to help you burn calories! You'll learn easy and effective techniques for burning fat that work no matter who you are.

Change Your Mind
Change Your Life

Change is easy when you know how, and this book helps to teach you how to tap into the power of your mind to get the changes that you desire most.

Expert Interviews
Once you know how to program your eating and exercise habits, we're going to have some experts in the fields of Nutrition, Exercise, and Health on the phone to answer your questions. Before every live interview, you'll have the opportunity to get your questions answered by professionals in these fields.


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Special Super Bonus #1:
The PYT LIVE Weekly Training & Support Program

When you order the Program Yourself Thin course today, you’ll also get free 30 Day access to my Live Weekly Training and Support Program (a $27 Value)


PYT Weekly Program Overview


Get coached and re-motivated every week with this cutting edge live program. Every week you're going to receive a video coaching lesson from me to help you create your dream body in the shortest time possible.

Some sample lessons are...

• Controlling Your Appetite Naturally

• Strategies for Following Your Plan

• Effective Weight Loss Case Studies

• Dieting Myths Revealed and Destroyed

• Easy and Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

• Eating Well Around Family and Friends

• Creating a "Health Trance"

• Craving Elimination Tools

• Making Money with Your Weight Loss

• Ingredients that Burn Fat

• Techniques for Instant Stress Reduction

• Creating Fat Burning Workouts


In addition to the weekly lessons, you're also going to get access to the LIVE weekly training and support calls, where you're going to get the chance to focus on what is working and what could be better. You'll be able to other students working one on one with me to find solutions to their challenges and you'll have the opportunity to get your own questions answered.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer includes a Free 30 day trial membership to the Program Yourself Thin Weekly Training and Support Program. You'll be billed a low $27 per month after the first month to in the program. You can cancel at any time for any reason by emailing help@programyourselfthin.com


Special Super Bonus #2:
The Comfortable
Yoga Program

When you order the Program Yourself Thin
course today, you’ll also get my brand new
yoga program(a $97 Value)


Comfortable Yoga Overview


Would you like to feel more comfortable? With this unique approach to yoga, anyone, regardless of age or ability can gain greater flexibility, strength, and relaxation.


Yoga is something that is done, not learned. This means that regardless of experience you can do yoga. Comfortable yoga differs from other styles of yoga because of its intent. Within this style there is no need to consume your energy with constant thoughts of whether you are doing something correctly or if you should be more flexible.


Here the only question you have to be concerned with is:

Am I Comfortable? That is it.


This audio program will guide you through a basic set of yoga postures designed to make you feel better.



Special Super Bonus #3:
The "First Five Pounds"
Quick Start Program

When you order the Program Yourself Thin course today, you’ll also receive the "First Five Pounds"
Quick Start Program (a $47 Value)


The First Five Pounds Quick Start Overview


You're going to get off to a successful start by following this simple, but extremely effective plan. This video course is going to teach you an easy to follow step by step plan that you can use immediately to begin to shed the weight.


In addition to the video, you're also going to get a checklist to use, so that you can easily follow the plan and a self hypnosis session specially designed to reinforce your motivation and compliance with these strategies, to insure your rapid results and future success.

Many have found that experiencing results right from the start made it easier to reach their ultimate goal weight. With this program you're going to create a strong foundation for your long term weight loss.



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Here’s What you Won’t Be Getting...

Now that you’ve seen what you will be getting with the Program Yourself Thin course, here’s what you won’t be getting:


You won’t be getting strict meal plans. After interviewing over 100 “naturally thin” people I found that strict eating regimens are absolutely unnecessary and actually prevent long term success.
You won’t be getting advice on how to suppress or ignore your appetite. Listen you’re going to find that your appetite is your secret weapon to having a lean firm body. The last thing you want to do is to try and ignore it!
You won’t be learning how to keep yourself pumped up. I am going to teach you how to program your mind to eat well on auto-pilot. Imagine feeling crappy and wanting fruit, what would your body look like then?


How much is this new
body worth to you?


If you woke up tomorrow morning with your dream body, would your day be different? What would be better about it?


Would  you feel happier, more excited, more confident?

Do you think it would improve relationships in your life?

Would it feel better to go clothes shopping with that body?

Do you think you would like feeling sexy and attractive. Are you sure you want that attention, that excitement?


Please stop for a moment and really imagine having this new body.  


You can expect immediate results


As a matter of fact, you feel it now, don’t you? The feeling of  of possibility that this can happen to you.  Do you feel a little more motivated? Because this is just the beginning. The best part of this program is that you will experience changes in your thinking just by listening to the course.

Remember that you are going to have over 8 weeks worth of programming, motivation, and support with this course.

You see, I’ve taken everything I know about Mental Programming for weight loss and crammed it into this course. Every form of learning is covered.


What will it cost you NOT
to get Program Yourself Thin?


Not just financially, but emotionally.


Let's face it, this life isn't a dress rehearsal. If you don't feel excitement and passion on a regular basis, then what are you waiting for?


Take a moment and imagine how your life would be different if you were in complete control of your eating and your weight. Imagine exactly one year from now at the beginning of summer having dropped all the extra weight and returned back to your natural body?


Seriously, take a moment and think how your life would be different. Think about the little things. Because that's what people always forget.


Would you have more fun clothes shopping with that body?
Would going out be more exciting?
Do you think you would smile more?

How much is that worth to you?


OK, let's wrap this up...


The Bottom Line


Before this, the program, the only way that you could get access to this information was to enroll in one of my private weight loss programs for $1997.


And get this... it was still a great deal at that price.


After offering this course online for over 4 years I've figured out exactly what it takes for you to be able to create your dream body, and have continually improved this powerful weight loss system that has been proven to work to get incredible results.


But, with the advancement in technology I'm now able to offer the same level of training at a much more reasonable price that anyone can afford. And because I don't need to pay CD duplication and printing costs, I can pass the savings directly on to you.


Your investment in this life-changing program is now only $197 $97.


The Great Price Experiment


For the past 12 years I've charged a lot for this program because I believed it was necessary to weed out people who weren't serious. And I wanted people to feel a sense of commitment to the program.


But, recently I got an email from a woman who was given the program as a gift, and she went on to tell me how she had dropped 40 pounds using it.


I began thinking that maybe people could still commit and get incredible results even if they didn't pay a lot. So, I decided to conduct an experiment. I'm going to sell 100 copies of my program and see if people get the same amazing results when the program is practically given to them.


So, instead of the normal $497 price, the next 100 copies are only $197. $97


Understand that this is an experimental price only for first 100 copies and then the price may return to $497, depending on the results I get back.


If you want to take advantage of this short term$197. $97 experimental price then click here to order now...


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Once you complete your order on Clickbank's secure server you will be taken to a Download page where you can begin this course IMMEDIATELY.


That’s all there is to it. Just go to the download page, begin listening, and start Programming Yourself Thin. Leave all the confusion behind and step into your new mind and body. Learn how to run your brain the way that you want to.


The course is in MP3 format, and can easily be played right on your computer and downloaded directly to any mp3 player.


All the class notes and transcripts are in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on the computer screen, or print it out and put it into a notebook.


The first four weeks alone are easily worth that price by itself. If you remember what it feels to be happy with your body, you will surely agree.


And all that makes me almost embarrassed to tell you about...


Four More Bonuses

BONUS #1: Self Hypnosis Session
Fire Up Your Metabolism

Relax and Fire up your metabolism! You will learn easy and effective mental and physical techniques that will send your metabolism through the roof, making you a 24 hour a day fat burning machine!

BONUS #2: Self Hypnosis Session
Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Take back your ability to regulate your blood sugar. The "see-saw" technique in this session will help you tap into your bodies natural ability to balance your blood sugar.

BONUS #3:Self Hypnosis Session
Letting Go of the Past

Take control of your future by letting go of your past. Learn how to release negative emotions that hold you back from success and live the life you want to.

BONUS #4: Free updates to the most recent Program Yourself Thin Course (at least $1497 value):

When you order Program Yourself Thin you are investing in a new mind and body for the rest of your life. I am always learning new information and techniques that make YOUR success easier.


And once you are a customer, every time there is an update, you will receive notice and have instant access to the new material. Remember I began this course 2 years ago when it was just 4 classes and it sold for $297.


All of those customers have received complete FREE access to all of the improved and expanded Courses and Bonuses. (and will continue to ((even for the experimental price)


The Iron Clad Guarantee


Go ahead and use the program for thirty days. It is completely risk-free.
Don't like it? Just let me know, and I'll refund your money on the spot. No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.The last thing that I want is to have your money if you aren't happy.


So go ahead and secure your copy....

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Being Thin Will Change Your Life


Before you decide to buy, remember that your life is going to change. You will need to buy new clothes in smaller sizes and get used to extra attention.


As you sit there reading this, think about the excitement you could feel, if you begin this new adventure now.


Imagine that next week you were 3 pounds lighter, in 2 weeks you’re 5 pounds lighter? In a month 10 pounds lighter than you are now, would that feel like an adventure?


The Moment Success Starts


From studying hundreds of people who transformed their bodies right before my eyes, I know that success begins the instant you make a decision. Every single person who has become thin made a decision to become thin. Make your decision now, and order because


You risk absolutely nothing


Here's the deal:  Go ahead and preview the Program Yourself Thin course (that's over 12 information-packed hours!) without risking a single dime. 


Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Go through this course with a fine tooth comb. Test the techniques, experiment with the programming sessions, and examine the information for the next 60 days.


If you don’t love the course, then I want you to simply write and tell me. I’ll send you a prompt, courteous, no questions asked 100% refund.


The guarantee is simple — you assume zero risk


BUT, if this complete course does what I say and allows you to sculpt your body into the perfect shape, than you have to promise me that you’ll send before and after pictures, along with your story that I will use it to inspire others.

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If You’re Reading This,
I Want to Tell You Something


The fact that you are still reading this is proof that you are one of the few who are really ready for a change. If you are tired of struggling to create a lean thin body than you owe it to yourself to at least try Program Yourself Thin.


This course is not meant for everyone (I made it that way when I was designing it). It is meant for a person who knows that you get results from action, not from thought.


If you are ready to act, this course will teach you step by step how to program yourself thin. But you must complete the first step. You must take action and order this course.


You owe it to yourself to wake up tomorrow morning motivated and committed to making your new body a reality.


It can happen.

your friend and coach,

Jim Katsoulis, CHT, NLPP
Your Thin Coach


Program Yourself Thin creator Jim Katsoulis

PS - This course has helped thousands of  people finally take control of their bodies and it can help you. Please don't confuse Program Yourself Thin with any other weight loss programs.


This is a leading-edge course not available anywhere else, that enables you to permanently create the body you want on autopilot in the shortest possible time.


When you decide that you want to own the course, please don't delay.  As I mentioned earlier, once the limited copies are sold, the program will not be available for at least another 2 months.  


PPS - Remember that you have absolutely NO RISK at all with our 100% guarantee. If you don't benefit from the Program Yourself Thin course, simply let us know for an instant no questions asked refund.

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NOTE: Program Yourself Thin is a downloadable course consisting
of MP3’s and PDF files. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the
members site where you can begin the course immediately.

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