The 5-Step Strategy My Busy Female Clients Are Using To Drop Unwanted Dress Sizes

(even when nothing else had worked!)

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Friday, May 18th 2018
7:00 AM PST — 10:00 AM EST — 3:00 PM GMT

You’re Going to Discover...

  • The simple game plan my star clients are following to take control of their eating … without relying on willpower, calorie counting, meal planning or any of the other tedious methods that no one really wants to do....

  • Why dieting and working out are the exact WRONG strategy to follow… and the counter-intuitive plan our clients are using to make the scale go down… even when nothing else has worked...

  • The secret to choosing the perfect weight… and the unusual technique that can be used to wipe out cravings for unhealthy foods...

  • AND how they’re doing all of this while gaining more confidence, looking more energized and feeling more beautiful!

Presented by
Jim Katsoulis

Jim Katsoulis is the founder of Program Yourself Thin. He's helped smart, successful women from around the world live in the body that they deserve.


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