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Tracy Shares How She Got Into The Best Shape Of Her Life Using The Program Yourself Thin System

"I've successfully helped thousands of clients lose weight and achieve the slim, healthy body they've always wanted. And I'm going to show you how you can get the same incredible results starting today..."

Dear Friend,

If you’re struggling to lose weight and haven't been successful dieting, exercising, following food plans, using pills or trying to starve yourself it may be time to consider something new (and more effective).

I am writing to introduce a cutting edge method for giving you control over your weight by using your own subconscious mind to Program Yourself Thin.

This program helps you to master how you think about food, exercise and ultimately yourself.

If you have failed to lose weight with the traditional methods this proven, step by step training will show you how to use the psychology of successful weight loss to finally overcome the food cravings, self doubt and bad habits that have kept you stuck being overweight.

Jim Katsoulis, creator of the
Program Yourself Thin System

How much easier would it be to master your weight if you could program yourself to crave fruits and salads, automatically eat slower and feel excited to exercise.

My methodology is proven, simple, home-based, and will not waste your valuable time. You will learn to think differently, and you will lose weight. How do I know?

Because changing your "subconscious software" is the true secret to losing weight.

And you can use this same approach to help you finally create the lean, healthy body you want.

Will It Work For You?

After helping people lose weight for the last 15 years, I've gotten pretty good at knowing who will succeed with this program. Do you identify with any of the following:

· Traditional weight loss methods haven’t worked
· Too much emotional eating
· Fighting against your hunger all the time
· Can’t stop eating at night
· Get stressed out when you think about losing weight
· No support system to help you
· Feel confused about how to lose weight
· Have tried everything

If you can relate to any of these things, then this may be the program you've been looking for because it's going to give you answers to these challenges that the traditional diets never address. 

The Mental Secret To Losing Weight

What if I could show you a way to reprogram your "subconscious software" so that you naturally eat less, crave healthier foods and start slimming down easily.

I can show you…if you are willing to see. And when I do, that weight you have held onto all these years, through all these different diets, will fall right off.

THERE IS HOPE! I guarantee it!

When you change your thinking and your mindset first, you can set up the rest
of your lifestyle to support your efforts... and not ruin them.

Eating healthy will be what you want to do... because you'll want to do it.

I can actually show you how to permanently change your mindset so you will want to eat healthy and exercise.

And you won't have to deprive yourself with some restrictive diet. Eating healthy food is not restrictive at all. Especially when you're craving whole, healthy foods.

You'll want to exercise and move your body more, not because you have to, but... because it feels good.

THE single most important part of achieving success in getting the body you want starts in your mind... so that you actually crave the foods and habits that you KNOW are good for you.

And I'm going to show you the powerful methods you can use to achieve your weight loss goals. I'm giving you the secret mental techniques that have changed the way I think about food and about fitness for the past 22 years.

Just imagine being able to program your mind so that you crave fruits, vegetables, salads, and other healthy foods.

Imagine how easy life will be when those baked goods at the corner coffee shopped actually repulsed you?

Imagine yourself able to reprogram your thoughts to THINK LIKE A THIN PERSON!

If you learn to reprogram your thinking... you can lose all the weight you want with total ease.

A Revolutionary, Real Answer to Changing Your Health

Introducing the Program Yourself Thin Immersion System! 

This program is your fast-track step-by-step system in implementing the psychology of weight loss into your life and will give you mastery of the techniques for overcoming the food cravings and the self-doubt that keep you stuck in the dieting cycle.

Finally... a fail-safe way to lose weight, without experiencing all the resistance, ups and downs, and food cravings... so you can lose weight without restrictive diets or strenuous exercise.

For the next 8 week's you'll transform yourself from the inside out so that you can create your dream body in the shortest time possible.

How This Is Different From Anything Else You've Tried

This program focuses on making PERMANENT changes in the way your brain perceives food and how it makes decisions related to food and your health.

You're going to bypass your conscious and reprogram your subconscious mind to crave natural foods, think like a thin person and get addicted to your new healthy habits so that the weight starts to melt off fast (and stays off).

This course consists of 8 core modules that show you everything you need to get the best results... and it's all from the comfort of your home.

This is a COMPLETE step-by-step system to creating the exact body that you want...


PYT Immersion 60 Day Coaching

Every day for the next 60 days you're going to receive a 3-5 minute coaching session that is going to reinforce the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that will make you thin.

First Five Pounds Fast Action Plan

Discover a complete lifestyle plan for creating the body, health and happiness

that you truly desire.

The 2 Day Detox Plan

Reset your metabolism, mindset and motivation with this easy to follow detox plan that will kickstart your success.

Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Library

Just sit back, relax and allow these sessions to transform your thinking, so that you can naturally create the body of your dreams.

The Elite Body Master Series

Fifteen of the world's top fitness experts share their most powerful fat burning, muscle building and body sculpting secrets so you can create the body or your dreams.

Comfortable Yoga Program

This is a gentle yoga program to create movement and comfort in your body, which will in turn promote the healthy changes you are making in your eating habits.

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