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New “Avatar Method” Lets You Press A Button And Step Into Your Dream Body (& Mind) In The Next 24 Hours"

I’m going to explain exactly how this amazing new brain technology works. But first, let me ask you a question…

Remember the movie, AVATAR? How the main character (“Jake”) was paralyzed from the waist down…but was called in to do a special mission on another planet…

…that required him to step into another (alien) body? 

How he laid down in a special “pod”, put on a headset, and instantly “became” another being - 

With a new body, mind, and abilities to do things he never would have dreamed he could do in his old, “human” body?...

Remember how he could suddenly play an amazing game of basketball…or run through the forest on the branches of trees…

Not to mention fall in love with another “beautiful being” just like himself?

Or maybe you never saw AVATAR - but you’ve seen other movies or shows where someone was “transported” into another body and mind, by some futuristic sci-fi technology?

Now, the important question:  

Have you ever wished that you could do something similar?

Don’t be shy. If you answered that question, “yes” - you’re not alone! I think many, many of us, at some time or another in our lives, would have said a quick YES to that question…because let’s face it…

Given how hard it is to truly change our bodies and minds in the “real world” - 

Who wouldn’t go for an option that allowed you to just “STEP INTO” a brand new body and mind, capable of doing anything you want, at the flip of a switch?

I know I personally had that dream…but that was a few years ago…back before everything changed. 

…Back before I discovered the REAL “Avatar” technology, that allows you to do this very thing, in OUR world!

Ok. I’m going to tell you how it works. And how YOU can STEP INTO your own “dream body & mind” using what I call the Avatar Method…

 But first…let me ask you. How do you feel about trying to lose weight right now? 

Maybe you feel like you have to “work hard” at it…be disciplined…make tons of sacrifices…battle your mind and stomach…and feel deprived and frustrated most of the time? 

Maybe this has been your experience so far? 

Well, here’s the good news:
The Avatar Method requires NONE of this. 

That’s because all you have to do is lie back, put on some headphones (just like “Jake” in the movie)...

And find yourself transported into another body and mind…

But not just any body and mind…how about if you could be transported into whatever body and mind you wished? 

What if you could design and pick who you wanted to be, and how you wanted to look? 

And THAT was the person you could be transformed into…and start experiencing life as…starting today?

If this sounds like something from science fiction, let me tell you - it’s not.

It’s something that is absolutely available to YOU, today…and you won’t be the only one who’s tried it. 

There are actually thousands of people just like you, who have stepped into their dream body using the Avatar Method…like Mary, from Montreal, who writes: 

“65 Pounds gone. This is how everyone is going to create the body they want. It makes so much sense. Just a few of the things I learned changed my entire life. Everyone should learn this stuff. It is amazing how much happier I am living the way I do now. I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do, I had tried all the diets and nothing was working. I feel like I’m free, I had never realized how much food was controlling my life. I am grateful to have found this course and taken action. Being thin is one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever been on.”     - Mary P., Montreal, Canada

You’re going to hear even more inspiring, exciting stories of transformation in a moment. 

But first…here’s what it is, and how it works.

Imagine, for a moment, that you could press a button and step into your “dream shape” and live your “dream life”

…what would that look like?

  • Would you be 10, 20, maybe even 100 or more pounds lighter? 
  • Would you have the body of an athlete, a model, or a bodybuilder? 
  • Or would you look like an extremely fit and healthy mom, dad, uncle, aunt…or hot single person?
  • Maybe you would be a grandparent easily able to keep up with your grandkids at the park?
  • Or a business person who is admired both for your sharp mind and professional image?
  • Maybe you just want to fit into your “skinny clothes” from a time in your past?

Whatever your image of your “dream shape” looks like, I’d like you to take a moment, here with me, right now, to fully and clearly imagine it. 

Close your eyes for a moment, picture yourself in your dream body, wearing your dream clothes, and do an imaginary “click” to “set” that image.  

Okay? Got it? PERFECT! Now…

Let’s take another moment to imagine what your “dream life” looks like when you have that body…

  • What will you be able to do (that you can’t do now)? 
  • Where will you be able to go? 
  • Where would you live? 
  • Who would you spend your time with? 
  • Would you go on dream dates and find a new romantic lover? 
  • Or would you rekindle a hot and exciting “new” relationship with a current partner?

Okay. Just remember - don’t limit yourself to what you can do now…imagine EXACTLY what you’d love to see happen in your future. 

Got that? Seeing it in living, brilliant color? GREAT. Now…

Imagine that you lie down in your bed, strap on a pair of headphones, hit “go,” …and step into your Dream Body and start living your Dream Life …within 5 minutes

What happens next? 

You get up, get dressed, brush your teeth, and proceed to go through your “ordinary day” - however. 

This is no longer an ordinary day in any sense of the word.

Because TODAY is the first day you truly experience as the fit, thin, clear-minded, strong, healthy-thinking person you’ve always wanted to be…NOW. 

You feel great about yourself and your goals…you eat meals that taste wonderful and make you feel good (while keeping you fit)...and at some point, you get in some exercise to get that little endorphin boost, with ease. 

You go home feeling satisfied and inspired, and reward yourself with some well-deserved “me time” at the end of the day ( however that looks for you)... 

Maybe you read a book, watch some Netflix, or just hang out with your family before hitting the hay, feeling relaxed and looking forward to another day at your peak - peak performance, peak shape, peak emotional state. 

You are in complete charge of your body, mind, and life…and you’re lovin’ it!!!

The best part is…you don’t even know what you weigh right now. 

You don’t have to step on a scale or scrutinize yourself in a mirror anymore - and in fact, you have no desire to. 

Because, whatever the scale says, and whatever your mirror says… 

You know the truth:

You are living your best life TODAY…and day by day, inch by inch, effortlessly…because you are no longer struggling, suffering, or hating your life (or yourself)...the pounds fall away.

…And before you know it, one day, you decide it’s time to step on that scale. 

It’s time to look in the mirror. 

…And guess what?

“Suddenly” - without any struggle, sacrifice, or stress - you’ve arrived at your goal. 

You’ve hit your “ideal weight” (whatever that is). 

You’ve begun your “real life” (the one you’ve always dreamed of). 

And here’s the best part. 

You NEVER have to worry about returning to your “old” life again…

You NEVER have to worry about “yo-yoing” back to your old weight…and you don’t have to struggle not to “fall off the wagon.” 


Because you didn’t accomplish this by dieting…embarking on some extreme workout program…or depriving yourself of the things you love in life. 

You didn’t accomplish it by doing things you hate. 

You did it by literally BECOMING A NEW PERSON FROM DAY ONE. 

You no longer fear a “relapse” into your old “nightmare life” from before - because you were living your “dream life” even BEFORE you became thin! 

Your weight loss will be based on changing your MINDSET, not your body - and now, you know you can stay there forever - without a thought or care. 

Naturally, and permanently. 

You are a new person.

And to think - all this happened just because you hit a button on your phone first thing in the morning, and last thing in the evening!

Okay. How did all this come to be?

Here’s How The Avatar Method Works

Hi, I’m Jim Katsoulis, creator of the AVATAR Method and the Program Yourself Thin System. 

I've successfully helped thousands of clients return to their goal weight and stay there long term.

And I guarantee I can help you get the same incredible results – without diets, without exercise plans, and without stress.

I’ve developed a cutting edge method for giving you control over your weight by tapping into the power of your mind.

This methodology is proven, simple, home-based, and will not waste your valuable time. You’ill learn to think differently, and you will lose weight. Guaranteed.

It transports you into an “alternate dimension” where you can inhabit the body and mind you’re longing for…instantaneously…and permanently.  

Here’s something the diet industry doesn’t want you to know: diets don’t work. 

In fact, 95% of people who diet ultimately fail to keep the weight off and over 82% of the population is currently overweight or obese. These numbers are absolute proof that dieting doesn't work.

And it’s no wonder because the diets (regardless of which one’s you’ve tried) only tell you WHAT to do, but never show you HOW to get yourself to do it. 

My new AVATAR METHOD, lets you…

Program in your ideal weight, then transform yourself into the body you want, day by day - automatically, without diets or exercise plans - in just 5 minutes

Knowing how to become the “master of your mind” has been the missing piece of your weight loss puzzle. Until now.

It's time to stop dieting and start living at your goal weight with the only method that truly works… instantly changing your mindset and altering your reality. 

When you use the Avatar Method to transform how you think about food, your body and, ultimately yourself - into a new reality, weight loss becomes almost automatic.


As a Certified Hypnotist, who knows how powerful the mind is…and who ALSO went through years of struggling with my own weight loss and frustration (yes, I have my own story which you will read about in a moment)...

I know the pain of being overweight and out of control of your life, from personal experience. I solved that, for myself, using the very same methods I am sharing with you here. 

Once I solved my own weight loss for good, I set about helping others do the same. And here’s what I’ve seen, over and over again…

Most people that come to me have failed to lose weight, again and again, with the traditional methods like restrictive diets and extreme workouts. 

Or even worse: they've succeeded with those methods only to put all the weight (and more) back on within weeks of hitting their target. 

They are seriously suffering.

Maybe, you are too…?

Maybe you struggle with:

  • Overeating
  • Unhealthy food cravings
  • Excessive hunger
  • Eating too fast
  • Snacking constantly
  • Emotional eating
  • Anxiety and stress around food, body image and health

If you're like most, you've been trying to fight against these with willpower alone.

You tell yourself you’ll have smaller portions and stop snacking. You promise yourself you’ll go for “healthy options” and cut out fast food and treats. You convince yourself “this time it’ll be different.”

But, let's face it: using pure willpower for weight loss is like trying to swim upstream in a raging river. It's exhausting, frustrating, and frankly, it's a recipe for defeat.

And here's the kicker: this brute-force approach completely misses the mark. 

It completely ignores the silent puppeteers controlling your weight – your subconscious programs.

Without addressing this hidden programming head-on, your journey to weight loss becomes a never-ending loop of temporary victories and disheartening setbacks.

Let's break this cycle right now. 

Do You Have 5 Minutes?

Because that's all it takes to master your weight, once and for all. 5 minutes in the morning, to “plug in” to your mental reprogramming “pod” and completely alter your reality for the day. 

5 minutes a day change the "subconscious software" that is keeping you overweight. 

5 minutes a day to step into the body, mind, and LIFE you’ve always wanted. 

Does that seem worth it? I hope so! 

 It’s time to make your mind your friend, instead of your enemy - so it can help you achieve your goal of becoming a thin, strong, healthy person - automatically! 

This is the secret to mastering your weight once and for all.

And you can do it in just 5 minutes a day.

Permanent Results

The AVATAR method focuses on making PERMANENT changes in the way your brain perceives your body and food. 

 It eliminates unhealthy cravings right at the source.

 With the press of a button, it lets you bypass your conscious mind and reprogram your subconscious to crave foods that slim you down, so that reaching your goal weight becomes easy, enjoyable and most importantly SUSTAINABLE. Even better - 

The AVATAR method not only lets you lose weight quickly and easily. 

It allows you LIVE at your goal weight for the rest of your life (on near auto-pilot). 

How It Works

Remember how “Jake” the main character in AVATAR was able to “step into” another body (and a whole new world of sensation and abilities) just by lying down in the “pod” and putting on his headset?

My AVATAR Method works exactly the same way - only using technology that exists now, that you can use from the comfort of your own home! Imagine this…

Step 1. Create Your Avatar. You lie (or sit) down, plug into your “pod” and go into an “alternate state” where you are guided to create exactly the Avatar you want to become. This includes envisioning your dream body, weight, level of health, strength, and mindset - no holds barred. You can ask for anything you want. You’re in charge! We will also create an entire “world” including your Ideal Day, based on your vision, then set into vivid sound, color and sense (through the guided hypnotic technology inside your Avatar App).

Step 2. Step Into Your Avatar. Once you’ve created your Avatar, every morning you will put on your headphones, turn on your phone, open your Avatar App, click “play” - and instantly be transported into the amazing world we’ve created together for you: the world where you are inhabiting your ideal mindset, intention, body, and ability to think and feel like a thin, strong, healthy person. This all happens on Day One: there is no “waiting around” and no suffering through even one more day in the state you are in now.

Step 3: Become Your Avatar. Now comes the most exciting part: over the next 8 weeks, while you are beginning your day by “plugging in” to your Avatar App, and experiencing life from the perspective of your NEW body, mind, and lifestyle (of living and thinking like a thin person)...steadily, day-by-day, your “real world” body will be shaping itself into the body of your Avatar…choice by choice, inch by inch, and pound by pound. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will look at yourself in the mirror and not even recognize yourself (except you will, because of the vision you originally had of your Avatar self). Your Avatar is You.

Prepare to be stunned: not just by how much you’ve changed - in body, mind, and feeling - but also by how effortlessly and easily it all happened!

No struggling against your own mind…no beating yourself up about not being who you want to be…no suffering needlessly in the same old yo-yo world of up and down “dieting” and “feeling deprived.”

The number one difference between the Avatar Method and every other method out there, is that you don’t need to WAIT for some “far off someday” before you can feel excellent about who you are and how you’re living - because you can STEP INTO the World and Self you want to be - Instantly!

Why It Works

Here’s why the Avatar Method can accomplish all this on Day One  - while other programs fail, even after days, weeks, months (and even years) of trying to follow them.

You see, most diet and weightloss programs try to use your Conscious mind to take control of your weight and health.

Here’s the problem with that:

Much as we’d like to think it is, your Conscious mind isn’t actually running the show.

There’s a MUCH larger, MUCH more powerful part of your brain that’s humming along, just under the surface, and THAT is what determines your reality.

It’s called your Subconscious mind, and just like the invisible program that runs your computer, it’s what actually calls the shots and makes the decisions.

Telling your Conscious mind what to do, without telling your Subconscious, is like trying to get your GPS in your car to take you where you want to go - without typing in the address first!

Your subconscious mind is the "command center" of your weight and health.

It controls: 

  • Your hunger
  • Your habits
  • Your cravings
  • Your motivation
  • Your eating
  • Your "weight set point"

That’s why, if you want to lose weight for good, you simply have to program your Subconscious brain to get you there.

But HOW do you program an invisible part of your brain?

You don’t even need to know.

Because that is exactly what the AVATAR Method does FOR you!

Here’s What You Get When You Order...

The Avatar Method

  • We’ll begin with your Avatar Programming Session, where you’ll be immersed in an alternate reality through your Avatar App, and be guided through a hypnotic session to create your personal, perfect Avatar and Ideal Life.
  • Then, you’ll begin your Daily Transformation Sessions, where you’ll plug yourself into your Avatar Portal and listen to a beautiful, relaxing guided session for just 5 minutes a day, which will program your body and mind to think, act, and feel like the thin, beautiful, strong person you know you can be (and are about to become).
  • Each morning for the next 8 weeks, I'll be sending you your AVATAR hypnosis session (directly to your phone and email). Each session is designed with a powerful weight loss mantra (57 sessions total!). Listen to it for just 5 minutes and go about the rest of your day. You're going to find yourself naturally making choices that slim you down.
  • And - if you wish - you can use your Sleepnosis Sessions at the end of the day, reinforce your Avatar Intentions, and have the best night of sleep ever…add in your “First Five Pounds Plan” to make losing the first 5 even easier…and use your “Hypnotic Lap Band” to shrink your belly to the exact dimensions you want…even faster. That’s because (surprise!) all three of these Bonuses will be added absolutely FREE into your Avatar Package if you order today!
  • The AVATAR Method is so powerful because it gets to the core of what needs to shift to successfully lose weight and keep it off... your subconscious programming. By the time you finish this program you'll be thinking, eating and burning fat like a thin person - automatically.
  • You will be able to immediately access your AVATAR App and bonuses online through your computer, tablet or phone (or download them). You will have 4 powerful tools for mastering your weight for good - all at your fingertips - for the rest of your life.
  • The bottom line is: If you plug into your AVATAR session every day in the morning, you will lose weight. I guarantee it. (For real: you can read my moneyback guarantee a little further down!)

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I know that if I provide excellent training to The Avatar Method members then word will spread about how effective this approach is and more people will discover how easy it is to take control of your mind and create the body, health and life you truly want to live.

The best way I know to do that is to get The Avatar Method and 28 "Thinking Thin" Challenge into the hands of as many people as possible.

Why? That's simple, too. When you own "The Avatar Method" you'll:

1. Have access to the most powerful weight loss mindset tools & tactics in the world.

Make no mistake. With "The Avatar Method" you can listen to this high-level training again and again until the lessons are permanently burned into your subconscious mind... And you have the ability to call upon that knowledge at will to master your weight and begin living the life you've always wanted. You'll be so take with this material that you'll likely share this approach with everyone you know.

I benefit and you benefit.

2. Be able to lose weight quickly, comfortably and easily.

"The Avatar Method" will allow you to dramatically increase your weight loss results AND truly "get it" on a far deeper level than you ever could by dieting or working out. You'll want to go deeper and deeper with your knowledge of how to change your thinking, because you'll be getting obvious benefits from the training, starting immediately on day one. There's a very high chance that you'll want to come back time and time again for our advanced training courses. (Sorry, I can't tell you what those are yet, you're not an Avatar Method member.)

Again - I benefit and you benefit.

If you read nothing else, read this:

"The Avatar Method" is, without question, the best deal on any weight loss product that I've ever offered.

Is that hype?


This isn't another diet or workout plan. This is a "mental blueprint" for thinking like a thin person so your weight loss can be effortless. 

It's changed the lives of so many of my clients and students. If I didn't feel so strongly about it, I wouldn't be telling you about it now.

The choice is now yours:

Yes! Please let me have access to The Avatar Method free for life and all of the above bonuses (valued at $538) just for purchasing today. Please send me to the special "Member's Only Download" page immediately. I understand that I must complete this purchase right now. I also understand that "The Avatar Method" comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee, so I have absolutely no risk whatsoever.

YES JIM! I want to become slim using the most POWERFUL, PROVEN and Effective Mental Techniques Available.

  • I understand... I get access to the entire Avatar Method with Jim Katsoulis where he'll show me GUARANTEED Strategies For Making Weight Loss Automatic
  • I understand... I will also get lifetime access to the Members Area where I can access the online video and MP3 audios of the entire program, so I can go through the training materials as often as I'd like.
  • I understand... The Thin Formula consists of the following three modules...
    - How To Think Like A Thin Person
    - How To Eat Like A Thin Person
    - How To Burn Fat Like A Thin Person
  • I understand... I also get access to the First Five Pounds Fast Action Plan, where I'll learn the 8 rituals that will help put my weight loss and health on auto-pilot.
  • I understand... I'll also get the 28 Day "Thinking Thin" Mindset Training for FREE. Each day I'll get a short, powerful lesson that will help transform my thinking and at the end I'll have lifetime access to all 28 day's lessons to re-listen to as many times as I'd like.
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