Weight Loss Kickstart Consultation
with Jim Katsoulis

Get Clear. Get Motivated. Lose Weight.

In this 30 minute session, you'll create unstoppable motivation by exploring exactly how you want to look and feel over the next 12 months.

I'll help you Identify the challenges that have stopped you from succeeding and discuss how to implement some new strategies that will help you finally get the amazing results you've been dreaming of.

During this call, we have the opportunity to meet 1:1 to:

  • Explore your vision of your ideal healthy body
  • Identify your specific past challenges and how to resolve them so you can lose weight... for good
  • Create unstoppable motivation so you don't need to rely on willpower to transform your body and health. 

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Hi, my name is Jim Katsoulis and my area of expertise is helping people like you comfortably return to your natural weight by changing how you think about food, exercise and ultimately yourself.

Sign up for this session and let me help you to get the body you desire and the health you deserve.

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See What Others Had to Say About This Powerful Session...

I wanted to get help understanding what I have to do to manage my weight. My biggest insight was that I need to be in control of my own mind no matter what is coming at me on the outside. I would absolutely recommend this call because it gave me a new perspective on what needs to be done to manage my life, weight control being only a part of the formula! It was a very comforting call! Thank you thank you.

Cathy Fox-Pardo

I learned that rituals and routines are essential to support myself vs only relying on will power. That the lasting change I seek happens from the inside out. That embracing my mistakes will enable me to understand what in me needs nourishment instead of automatically putting food in my mouth.

I also found out that physical and mental relaxation to consciously change my state will be a great tool for me. Jim walked me through the process on the phone and made the tool simple to use.

I would recommend this call because Jim shares his expertise with ease and listens with such depth. It's evident that this is his passion. For the first time, I feel that I have a full spectrum of tools necessary to live a healthy life. Jim's work is an invaluable and comprehensive body of work for which I am grateful.

Sandra Rodriguez

I have wanted to lose weight for EVER and was excited to be able to work personally with Jim. One of the biggest things I learned from the session is that I now understand that there is tremendous power in seeking to GAIN ease and pleasure in non-eating activities in order to turn off the drive to overeat. I also gained clarity, it was so much fun talking about this approach and "several levels down" where the alchemy happens!

I’d recommend this call for anyone struggling with their weight for Jim's insights, enthusiasm, compassion, and teaching skills. It feels to me like that saying... when the student is ready, etc... Thank you!!!!

Mary Smith

I signed up for this call to gain clarity on my thoughts and actions surrounding my problem with overeating. My biggest “Aha” moment was realizing my weight is just a reflection of how my lifestyle makes me unhappy and stressed. Then I turn to food to make me happy, make me feel better. I am using food to make me feel better and that just does not work for me. I learned to put my attention on my state of mind and body the results I want which is not really weight loss. It is being relaxed and happy with myself.

I recommend this session with Jim because it brought the clarity I needed to see myself in. I am not so far from being at home to who I really am. And that alone allowed me to relax a bit and feel more confident that I can do this. I appreciate how well Jim understands this highly sensitive and frustrating problem I had. I connected with him on so many levels. Thank you

Lindsey Arnold

I signed up because I knew Jim could get my motivation going again. I realized I need to feel the positive feelings of doing what is good for my body, not the negative. Changing my state of mind leads me to make better decisions and it's really helpful to remember the good feelings I get when I eat good food!

Jim has a way of telling you exactly what you need to hear to implement your progress moving forward. Looking forward to changing my state of mind when I feel low, tired or stressed. Realize this is what has kept me from feeling like the happy person I know I am. Can't wait to immerse myself in his material.

Sue Attridge

I signed up for the Kickstart consultation because I believed that Jim could provide me with a different set of tools to get me unstuck. One of the most important things I got out of the session is the recognition that changing my physical state really altered my emotional state. He also took me through some practical tools to manage stressful moments, a shift in perspective as to where I need to focus my energy.

Jim has a special way of communicating about difficult things. I felt as though I was speaking with someone I'd known for a long time, and someone who really understood me and cared about what I was dealing with. Quite an unexpected experience in a call with someone I'd never spoken with before!

Maria Sheldon

I signed up to increase my success towards my goal of becoming thinner and free. Some of my biggest insights from the session were to never say 100%, I have been stressing about how to keep sugar out, but now I see the real rationale/benefits of the 80/20 concept. Also, I have conditioned myself to act as a weak person instead of the strong person I am so I need to connect more with the pleasure aspect as to reasons to lose weight. This call reinforced my own feeling of power.

I absolutely recommend this session because it was fantastic. Honestly, I feel this has been a game changer for me. Not only can I let go of the 100% giving up sugar/flour stress because that is really not how I want to live my life, but I got so much useful insight from you during the call and feel very empowered!

Sandy Dempsey

Honestly, I signed up for this call out of curiosity - what type of person is Jim Katsoulis and how sincere is he about helping people? Could he actually give me something tangible in a single introductory call? Is he just another sales person? I was really happy to find that he actually listens and seriously thinks about what I am saying which is of course the most important aspect of coaching. The biggest insight I got out of the call was Clarity - I was focused on the wrong aspects of my 'weight challenge'. Intellectually I know about how the brain does not understand negative statements, e.g. don't, won't, but I was focusing on the negative with heaps of negative self talk, e.g. I don't want to be overweight, I don't want to eat that sandwich. Jim quickly made me realize I was focusing on the wall rather than finding the door :)

I would strongly recommend this call because Jim is real and genuine. He has a fair idea of what you are going to say and ask however when you come up with your own unique perspective he takes the time to ask questions, think about it and work out how to help you now. I believe Jim has a unique and thorough way to help me reach my weight loss goal :)

Roselyn Poon

I signed up for this session because I wanted support..to change my thinking and change my weight...etc. I had lost twins many years ago, and I felt it somehow was connected to my weight issue. My biggest insight from the call was the moment when I realized that I had been punishing my body for not working correctly was a great shift for me. Also when I was shown the relaxation technique, I was able to get to that point of deep breathing by relaxing my stomach muscles. That was the first time I had ever felt that relaxed during a meditation.

I’d recommend this call to anyone who is struggling to lose weight. In fact I have already given some information to a good friend of mine. I loved how Jim was able to lovingly connect to me. I was very comfortable talking with him about some of my issues. It was  a great gift.

Patricia Burford

I was looking for a new way to approach weight loss and on the call I learned that I can change how I feel... I can DO that. Jim also brought me through an experience I can repeat to find calm and peaceful feelings... a lot of education - on how my mind works. And understanding and compassion for me, who I am, in a way that made me feel like someone "got me" - in a positive, hopeful way.

I definitely recommend this session for others. I got to experience what you do. Directly. I got to ask questions. I got a boost in my day. I found a new way of approaching weight loss, and life really - that sounds DOABLE. By ME. I so appreciate your time that you filled with your expertise and helping me.

Lori Howard