YES! I want to order The Program Yourself Thin Course and I know there's no time to lose. Thanks for the 100% money back guarantee, too - that takes all the pressure off my decision. I Understand that when I place my order, here is what I will get for my 2 payments of $47.50 

Here's Everything You Get With
The Program Yourself Thin

The Complete Program Yourself Thin Course - Over the next 8 week's you're going to transform your mind and body with this powerful program. You'll get lifetime access to the 8 training modules (professionally recorded in streaming video and downloadable MP3 audio format) that will show you how to take control of your weight once and for all. 

Bonus #1: Fast Start Training: "The First Five Pounds Plan" - Start losing weight with this lifestyle plan for creating the body, health and happiness that you truly desire. If you want to lose weight (and keep it off) you need to learn these 8 lifestyle rituals, eating and exercising are only 2 of them. When you implement this plan into your life, you'll see the weight fall off, your energy explode and your entire quality of life improve dramatically.

Bonus #2 - "The First Five Pounds Blueprint""Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Library" - A step by step blueprint for losing the first 5 pounds (and as much as you like after) without dieting or exercising. You'll discover the 8 rituals that crank up your body's metabolism and get you quickly back to your natural weight. 

Bonus #3 - "Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Library" - .Whether you are new to self-hypnosis or have been practicing for a while, these sessions will help cement in your newly created "thin" mindset for LIFE. Just sit back, relax and allow these sessions to transform your thinking, so that you can naturally create the body of your dreams.

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The Program Yourself Thin 
Daily Motivation Coaching System

Great news! Since you are ordering today, you have a limited-time opportunity to upgrade to the the Program Yourself Thin Deluxe Edition. The deluxe package includes everything you just read about above, plus you also get my Daily Motivation Coaching.

This by itself is worth the price of the whole program. Every day you're going to receive a 3-5 minute coaching session that is going to reinforce the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that will make you thin.

Studies have conclusively proved that people learn best when they are exposed to information for short periods of time on a regular basis. You'll be amazed at how your thoughts and behaviors begin to change automatically. Every day for the next 2 months you'll get a 3-5 minute audio coaching lesson that will cover these topics:

Some of what you will Learn:

• Eliminating Cravings
• The Theater of Your Mind
• Inspiring Role Models
• Staying Motivated
• Dealing With Stress
• Eating Like A Gourmet
• Looking Good Again
• Feeling Attractive

• Enjoying Your Weight Loss
• Becoming More Confident
• Dealing With Negative Emotions
• The Power of Decision
• Comfortable Movement
• Simple Ways to Reduce Calories
• Installing Healthier Habits
• The Tool That Beats Willpower

Take a few minutes each day to implement the thoughts and beliefs into your unconscious mind that create a peak level of health and happiness. This has been described by many as the key piece in producing real change.

The Program Yourself Thin
Daily Motivation Coaching System
  • 2 Months of Daily Coaching and Support
  • 3-5 Minute Daily Audio Lessons for Reinforcement
  • Stay on Track for Long Term Results
  • Cement in long term change
  • Master the Most Important Habits

YES! I want the Program Yourself Thin Deluxe edition!
I understand that I will get everything in the Program Yourself Thin basic edition as described above, as well as the Daily Coaching Motivation System. I understand that I'm getting a great deal and saving over $150 because I'm grabbing both of these programs together in this package during this special offer. I realize it would cost me over $497.00 to buy these separately, but I'm getting the deluxe package for only   $147 so I'm saving over 50% by buying both programs now.

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