Every Diet Will Fail You If It's Missing This #1 Key Element For Lasting Weight Loss

Discover The Psychological Reason You're Struggling To Lose Weight And How You Can Eliminate It To Start Creating The Body & Health You Secretly Dream Of!

Dear Friend,

If you're feeling frustrated or hopeless in trying to lose weight.... and you just don't know where to turn for real answers that work... then this may be the most important letter you read. 

Here's why:
My name is Jim Katsoulis. I run an online weight loss coaching business out of Turners Falls, Massachusetts (15 miles from the Vermont border). 

I've spent the last 15 years training people how to permanently lose weight. It's a passion and personal mission for me. 

Twenty years ago... while I was in business school grinding away at a finance degree... I was 50 pounds overweight... and I was miserable.

Through a fortunate series of events and some chance encounters I discovered a different way to approach my weight, health and happiness. 

And this discovery made me lose 50 pounds... and keep it off for 20 years.

But before I tell you what it was.

have keep it off for 20 years.

Before I tell you how I did it. I need to explain  

How many different dieting plans and weight loss programs have you tried WITHOUT ANY REAL, lasting success?

It is easy to get discouraged when NOTHING seems to work. It’s easy to gain EVEN MORE WEIGHT when no diet, pill or program can give you the results that you deserve.

Although we've never met, I feel connected to you because I understand the struggle of weight loss and I want to help you lose weight, but more importantly feel better than you have in years, maybe even ever.

When you learn how to program your mind so that you crave healthy foods and exercise everyday... weight loss becomes automatic and enjoyable.

You could drop 5, 10, 20 pounds permanently all on auto-pilot... no dieting, no pills, no deprivation.

You can enjoy a level of confidence and self esteem that you never dreamed possible.

This is your chance to finally have the body that you have always wanted.

To experience the kind of confidence that comes with a body that's lean and attractive.

To be able to wear clothes that make you look and feel incredible.

To feel the excitement of stepping on the scale and seeing you've lost more and more weight.

It can happen, but you need to use a different approach...

Why You Must Stop Excessive Dieting
and Strenuous Exercise To Lose Weight...

You know how when you try to paddle a boat against the river current... you don't get anywhere... right?

Well, that's what strict dieting and strenuous exercise is like... paddling against the current.

Because you get nowhere. But when you turn the boat around and go WITH the current.... you can go as far as you want. 

And you can do it a lot easier.

So, if you're not losing the weight you want... it's because you're going against the current... trying too hard at the WRONG things.

And I'm going to show you how to go WITH the current and make weight loss happen quickly and easily... and without strenuous exercise or deprived dieting.

In fact, if you change just one single thing (I'll show you what, in a minute)... you can lose 20, 30, even 40 pounds...

And continue losing all the weight you want.

Now, I completely understand if you're skeptical. I would be too, with all the weight loss scams and fad diets everywhere online.

That's why you need specific, detailed proof that my techniques can deliver on the promises they make.

Since I've already proven my techniques work... with thousands of my clients... you're going to see some of their stories right below.

Believe me... this is different from ANYTHING else you've ever seen or tried.

It's not a diet, pill, potion, or shake.

It's not a supplement, ebook, or workout routine.

It's a proven process... a system.

And it's different because IT WORKS PERMANENTLY (unlike all the other scams, pills, and fad diets you've tried)

If you've been unable to lose the weight or keep it off, it's because...

99% of All Diet Plans and Programs Never Teach You 
How To Fix The Core Problem Keeping You Overweight

Heck, think about this... Every year, thousands of GASTRIC BYPASS patients GAIN BACK THE WEIGHT that they lose after surgery! 

These patients have drastic, dangerous surgery. They're FORCED to eat less and often lose hundreds of pounds.

Then these people slowly start to gain the weight back.

I am telling you this to prove that ANY DIET – even one as drastic as gastric bypass – can fail you.

But you have to understand that YOU aren’t the problem... 

The real problem is that all these diet plans and weight loss programs are missing the #1 key element to lasting weight loss.

And you may be surprised that it has NOTHING to do with food, exercise or willpower!

You could spend the rest of your life struggling with your weight. You could spend the rest of your life jumping from diet to diet, always searching for something new and different that will work for you.

But if you are ready to STOP following diets and actually lose the weight once and for all... you have to discover how to control your mind.

The Secret to Your Weight Loss Success... 

Have you ever met someone who didn’t have ANY problems losing weight? You know... the kind of person who seems to be able to  simply turn “ON” their willpower and drop 5, 10, even 25lbs...

Without ANY problems?

These people never have to struggle, they never feel deprived and they never have "moments of weakness". So what makes these people so lucky? Are they all using some secret, fool-proof diet? Are they all taking some magic diet pills?

No... These people have the unconscious programming needed to drop the weight and reach their goal with ease!

These people could follow ANY diet and drop the weight without any problems. They could follow ANY program and see the results that they want FASTER than expected.

And now you can discover how to get the unconscious programming you need to become one of these “lucky losers” who lose weight without breaking a sweat.

Just think about it...We all know HOW to lose weight.

We all know what foods to eat, and how to exercise and what we need to avoid, the hard part is sticking to the plan consistently.

And this is why all those other diets failed you...

But just imagine being able to program your mind so that you crave fruits and salads, automatically eat slower, and follow any diet plan WITHOUT feeling deprived or hungry.

Just imagine being able to program your mind so that you will never crave fattening foods or be tempted to cheat on your diet.

Just imagine being able to program your mind so that you started to THINK THIN!

Just imagine how easy it would be to follow through with ANY diet, reach your goal weight without a struggle and keep the weight off forever!

You might have spent your entire life struggling with your weight, trying diet after diet, watching your weight yo-yo up and down. But not anymore!

You are about to discover the secret to controlling your mind and your body.

You are about to discover the #1 key element that all your other diets have been missing.

You are about to discover how to Program Yourself Thin.

You Can Program Yourself Thin... Right Now!

You see, I want to prove to you that THIS mindset change is the single biggest piece of the puzzle you've been missing.

This is the key element that NO OTHER diet and NO OTHER program has been able to offer you.

And it's the most important! Once you learn it, weight loss will happen naturally... as a result.

You're now turning your boat around to go WITH the current.

I truly believe this is the ONLY way to successfully lose weight... when you've already tried the diets, pills, exercises, supplements, and "rah-rah" meetings.

Those things have failed you because they didn't get to the root of your problem... your thoughts.

And that's what I'm here for. 

I'm going to show you how to use the power of your mind to naturally and automatically change the bad habits that have kept you from losing weight.

Doing this will help you take the first step to a new body... and a new you.

Finally A Real Solution For You

The PYT Weekly Motivation & Support Program

Introducing the Program Yourself Thin LIVE Weekly Training & Support Program.

This program is the result of my 15-years experience helping people lose weight. And it's the personal, weekly support that you need to help you succeed as well.

It truly is your fast-track education in psychology and weight loss... COMBINED with powerful trainings showing you step-by-step techniques for overcoming food cravings and self-doubt.

Finally... you'll have a fail-safe way to lose weight, without experiencing all the resistance, ups and downs, and food cravings... so you can lose weight without restrictive diets or strenuous exercise.

Every week you're going to receive a video coaching lesson from me to help you create your dream body in the shortest time possible.

Better yet... these tactics are way more powerful than stuff you'd learn at Weight Watchers... AND you get to learn all of it from the comfort of your own home!

You don't have to leave your house and go to some 2-hour meeting.Instead, you'll have me, each and every week, showing you the cutting edge mental training techniques you can use to get the body of your dreams.

And you're going to get ONGOING weekly support to make sure you stay on track. Even though I'm going to give you exact specifics of the program below... I want to share a few of the topics we'll cover each month...

  • How To Control Your Appetite Naturally
  • The Most Effective Strategies for Permanently Following Your Plan
  • ​How Other People Lost Weight... And How You Can Learn From Them
  • ​Dieting Myths Revealed... and Then Destroyed
  • ​Quick, Easy, and Delicious Fat Burning Recipes
  • ​How To Eat Well Around Family and Friends During Get-Togethers
  • ​Creating a "Health Trance"
  • ​How To Permanently Eliminate Cravings
  • Making Money with Your Weight Loss
  • ​Little-Known Ingredients that Burn Fat
  • ​Proven Techniques for Instantly Reducing Stress
  • Creating Fat Burning Workouts

With my PYT Weekly Motivation and Support Program you're going to finally experience the weight loss and health you're truly capable of achieving. 

How Does This Program Work?

No More Meetings

Weekly weight loss meetings are great for keeping you focused and on track, but they're time consuming and usually turn into complaining/gossip sessions. With this program you access each week's lesson from your computer, phone or tablet and get the training, support and motivation you need to lose the weight permanently.

Learn How To Think Healthier

Another diet is not the answer. The truth is that all weight issues exist with your thinking. It's important for you to realize that before any positive change can happen in your life... it first has to happen with your thoughts.

Start Craving Good, Healthy Foods

Using my Program Yourself Thin system you can program healthy habits and behaviors into your subconscious so you'll no longer crave bad, unhealthy foods. Instead... you'll crave good, healthy foods.

That's all it is. You're much more likely to have healthy habits and behaviors programmed into your subconscious when you're at ease. And as a result, you'll lose weight faster and have more self-confidence than you've ever dreamed of.

Every Week You'll Receive The Following...

Weekly Training &
Support Video Lessons...

Each week you're going to receive a video lesson that is going to teach you techniques for increasing motivation, dealing with cravings and mastering your weight. Whether you build on the momentum of a great week or need some support to help get back on track these lessons will help you master your body.

Here Is A Sample Of The Lessons You'll Receive:

  • How To Crave Healthy Foods
  • Transforming Your 3 Worst Habits
  • Creating A Successful Weight Control Plan
  • Losing Weight Without Dieting
  • How To Master Your Appetite
  • Secrets of Social Eating Success
  • Eliminating Emotional Eating
  • How To Feel Good About Yourself
  • Simple Secrets For Boosting Your Metabolism
  • Replacing Bad Cravings Naturally
  • How To Love Exercising
  • Getting the Support You Need
  • Questions That Make You Thin
  • How To Defend Yourself From Advertisers

You'll Also Get Instant Access
To All Of These Bonuses...

Self Hypnosis Session Library...

Transform your body with these powerful self hypnosis sessions. Take a deep breath, relax and program yourself to think, act and respond as the lean, healthy person you've always wanted to be.

Expert Interview Library...

Transform your body with these powerful self hypnosis sessions. Take a deep breath, relax and program yourself to think, act and respond as the lean, healthy person you've always wanted to be.

Health & Fitness Ebook Library...

Discover different approaches to getting in great shape and philosophies of becoming truly healthy in this Health & Fitness Ebook Library. Access is included in your membership and updated each month.

Special Bonus:
The First Five Pounds Fast Action Plan

Start Losing Weight Right Now

I'm going to show you a complete lifestyle plan for creating the body you want. If you want to lose weight (and keep it off) you need to learn the 8 components of a "thin" lifestyle. I'm going to teach them to you in this program.

Experience More Energy and Vitality

There are simple ways to become healthy. I believe the main reason people struggle to lose weight is because they make it too hard to succeed. You're going to discover the simple ways to naturally take control of your weight once and for all.

It's About More Than Food

You want to lose weight to feel better but your happiness is not just a physical measurement. You also need to do things that nurture your emotional, psychological and spiritual health and happiness. When you do this you'll find yourself wanting to make healthy choices.

Maintain Your Success Effortlessly

Wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about your weight or food again? To do that you need to create a new lifestyle that maintains your weight. Dieting is not a lifestyle, it's a band-aid. When you do that maintaining your weight becomes automatic.

Regular Price: $27/month
Lock in Today's Special Price of just $10/month

As soon as you join you'll get instant access to the PYT Weekly Training & Support Member's Area. No Physical Products will be Mailed to you. You will be billed $10 today and then again monthly unless you cancel. No contract. Remain a member for as long as you like.

I'll Be with You Every
Step of the Way...

It's been shown... time and time again... that losing fat and achieving a healthy body weight is something most people can't do alone.

So don't feel ashamed that you've tried losing weight on your own and haven't succeeded.

I refuse to let you fail.

And here's why I know you can do this: What's worked for others who have successfully lost 20, 30, even 200 lbs... can also work for YOU.

Get the Support You
Need Now...

Stop trying to do this by yourself. Let me be your support system. The truth is you can't be perfect, you're going to make mistakes.

It's what you do after you make the mistake that dictates whether you succeed or fail. And having this program keeping you on track and focused is going to make all the difference in the world.

Achieve Almost Effortless Weight Loss

You'll discover how to put your brain on auto-pilot, with the only possible destination being the body and the life of your dreams.Just listen and let these techniques guide you to the greatest possible change in the least amount of time!

This truly is the MISSING PIECE to the puzzle!

If you've already tried the diet and exercise route... but you weren't successful... you now know why!

You're going to change the way you think... the way you eat... and the way you look!

By following my program... thousands of women and men have LEARNED NEW EATING HABITS.

They literally retrained their minds and their habits!

They destroyed fat-causing food patterns that had kept them overweight for years.

They did it and you can do it too!And once you've done it, it will be practically impossible for you to eat in the same old way you're eating today!

The choice is now yours. You've tried the fad diets and miracle diets. You may have lost some weight. But you have gained it right back again!

What Makes This Different
From Anything Else You've Tried..

The real magic with this program is the weekly personal support and hand-holding you get... all from the comfort of your home.

With this personal accountability, I refuse to let you fail again.

The training will involve weekly video lessons and 24/7 access to the self hypnosis, ebook and expert interview library.
You're going to have all the accountability that you'd get from a Weight Watchers... but this is going to be focusing on creating a PERMANENT change.

The problem with Weight Watchers is... it doesn't get to the root of the problem.

They try and change your habits... without changing your thoughts.

As a result, you have to rely on willpower. Who wants a life of counting points?

With my program... I'll give you WEEKLY ongoing support and effective mental and physical strategies for losing weight.

We'll get to the root of the problem... how you think about food.

And when we bypass your conscious and reprogram your subconscious mind to crave healthy foods forever, the weight will start to melt off fast.

I'm So Confident This Program Will Help You
That I Guarantee It...

After seeing so many men and women finally lose the weight they wanted... I'm confident you'll get similar results as well.

But since you don't know me personally, you may have some doubts whether this system can live up to my claims. And I completely understand that. 

So please, let me take all the risk. Test this program out at my expense! 

I'm confident you'll be thrilled with your results from using it. But you really have no way of knowing that yet, so I want to eliminate all worry for you...

Get this program now and use my proven techniques.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with what they've done for you, simply let me know within 8 weeks and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

Absolutely no questions asked. Period. That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn't do everything I say... if you don't lose weight faster... if you don't stop craving unhealthy foods, if you're not eating better and healthier... if you don't feel like your life has totally changed for the better... just email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. Quickly and easily.

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today
Limited Time Offer

Regular Price: $27/month
Lock in Today's Special Price of just $10/month

As soon as you join you'll get instant access to the PYT Weekly Training & Support Member's Area. No Physical Products will be Mailed to you. You will be billed $10 today and then again monthly unless you cancel. No contract. Remain a member for as long as you like.

People Love This Program Because
It's So Effective and Simple to Use...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I've dropped over 50 pounds and it's like it just happened automatically”

“I’ve tried every diet program out there. The few times I got good results it didn’t last and I would be right back to my original weight. After working with Jim I have dropped over 50 pounds, but the amazing thing was how easy it was. It’s like it just happened automatically

Peter Putnam
- Walpole, NH

“I don't feel any deprivation at all...”

"I'm down 17.5 pounds since I started your program. The ongoing support is very helpful.
I don't feel any deprivation at all because I don't need to keep myself on a strict diet."

Sarah Williams
- Blue Springs, MO
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I had struggled with weight my whole life...”

I had struggled my whole life with weight. And for the first time I can say that I feel in control, not in a stressful willpower way, but in a natural way. And with this new approach I've lost 23 pounds!

Mary Pellino
- Santa Clara, CA

YES! I'm Ready To Get Started Today
Limited Time Offer

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“It's not about the food, it's about what's going on in your head. Jim's program get's to the core of what it really takes to change, it has helped me so much.“

Caryn Simpson
Arlington, VA

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • Weekly video training lesson teaching you the most powerful mental techniques for getting great results without struggling.
  • Complete access to the self hypnosis library so you can program yourself to automatically think, act and respond like a naturally thin person.
  • Complete access to the Health & Fitness Ebook Library
  • Special Live Training Webinars to help you master your mindset, eating and health.

Plus this Amazing Bonus...

  • The First Five Pounds Fast Action Plan

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Have A Question? Here Are Some Answers...

Q. What do I get with this program?

A. Each week you’re going to receive a 5-10 minute video training (with mp3 and pdf version included) that is going to teach you a powerful technique for programming your mind to help you lose weight.

Lessons will cover everything you need to take control of your body once and for all.

Every Monday you’ll receive your new lesson and will have access to it in the members area where you can watch and rewatch all week.

As a member of the program you’ll also get access to monthly expert trainings and 24/7 access to the Ebook and Self Hypnosis Session Library

Q. How is Program Yourself Thin different from all the other diet programs that are out there?

A. Program Yourself Thin is different because it is not a diet. Diet’s are temporary, and the one thing I saw over and over again with people who successfully reduced their weight long term, is that they didn’t diet, they changed the way they thought, felt, and responded to food and exercise. This program is specifically designed to get you to think, act, and respond like a thin person.

Q. How quickly will I experience results from this program?

A. How quickly do you want to see results? There are a lot of factors at work here. First, and foremost, there’s your motivation level. If you’re “trying” to lose weight because your spouse has put you up to it, you’re not really all that motivated yourself? My advice there: just quit wasting your time and money and be honest. There’s no such thing as “trying to lose weight.” You’re either ready to transform your body or you’re not. If your motivation level is high, you’ll likely experience results very quickly. Your success will mirror the action that you take. If you master the information in this program you’ll find mastering your body easier than you ever thought possible.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes. You can cancel at any time for any reason, there is no long term contract or fees.

However you’re allowed to remain in the program for as long as you find it useful.

Many members remain in the program even after their weight loss goals have been achieved because it keeps them focused and they’re always learning new tools they can use to effortlessly maintain their results.

Q. is this program just going to hypnotize me to change?

A. No. While the self hypnosis sessions are very powerful, they are there as support for the information that you’re going to learn throughout the program about how to control your behaviors, habits, and thoughts. When you can do this, two things happen. One you’ll stop the negative suggestions and programming you’ve been doing to yourself, and two you’ll begin reprogramming your mind in a positive way, so that you automatically begin eating better, exercising more, and creating the exact body you desire.

Q. What do I get with this program?

A. I studied over 100 people who had lost weight and kept it off for over 2 years. What I found was that these people were not dieting. They had changed their habits, thoughts, and behaviors so completely that their weight remained right where they wanted it, naturally, not through willpower and deprivation. So, I used that approach successfully on myself and the clients I worked with, and ultimately put all of it into this program.