Weight Loss FrustrationHave you ever wondered why is it that others seem to be losing weight easily while you are having great difficulty in losing just a few pounds? Have you ever wondered what is wrong with you? In this article I’ll tell you about the three main reasons why you may not be losing weight the way you should!

1. Don’t treat yourself to fatty foods after exercise: Do you think that since you have exercised all day long, you can afford to indulge in some heavy, fatty foods? If so then you are completely wrong! There are some people who think this way and they treat themselves to tasty, calorie-rich foods after a long exercise schedule. If you do this it will sabotage all your weight loss efforts, and you will gain more weight than you had lost! You should be self disciplined enough to maintain the routine of diet and exercise everyday, as this is the best and recommended way to lose weight fast.

2. Don’t rest the day after exercise: Some people make the mistake of doing workouts for a long time for one day and then resting on the very next day. They seem to harbor the misconception that if they exercise too hard one day and then rest on another, it won’t have any negative impact on their health. However, it is a pretty wrong assumption. Exercising is meaningless if you workout one day and then rest on the very next day. A better idea is to workout for short periods of time every day; this way you won’t get very tired and you would be able to burn calories everyday!

3. If you don’t want to exercise, then walk: It is not possible for everybody to workout all the time. If this is you, then there are other ways to burn the fat, one of them being walking. You are perhaps not aware of the fact that waking can help you lose a lot of weight, especially if you walk regularly. Don’t sit all day on your couch; instead get off and take your dog or friend along with you and walk a mile or two. If you neither have a friend nor dog, just take out your cell phone and chat with your buddies while walking. This would make walking a breeze and before you even realize, you would have completed walking a couple of miles!

Losing weight is not really that hard if you follow the above rules!

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