Ultimate Tea DietWhat would summer be without a new diet? The newest one to get attention is The Ultimate Tea Diet. This book is written by Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra, who’s family has been in the tea business for over 60 years.

But, does it work?

The Ultimate Tea Diet basically comes down to a three step master planSimply find a tea you love, drink it all day, follow an easy food plan, and see the pounds fall off. That’s it. Don’t you wish you knew this secret formula earlier?

The premise of is that teas are very beneficial to your health because they help you:

• Boost the immune system
• Lower blood sugar and cholesterol
• Prevent cavities and tooth decay
• Slow the aging process
• Decrease high blood pressure
• Prevent arthritis
• Sharpen mental focus and concentration
• Reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, and more…

Now, how does this help you lose weight? Good question.
A more accurate title for the book would have been “Drink Tea While You Diet and Exercise” because that’s pretty much what it comes down too, but that probably wouldn’t sell as well.

They say Tea helps encourage weight loss because of its
three main ingredients: caffeine to stimulate, L-theanine to neutralize the harmful side effects of caffeine and act as an appetite suppressant, and EGCG, which causes you to burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Now this may be true, but the only way anyone would lose weight following this plan is because they would eat only the low fat recipes in the book and exercise. Just like what you’ve learned from every other diet in the world.

I say if you really want to lose weight for good, then stop dieting and learn how to reprogram your mind to eat in a new way (you can learn how here).

Maybe I’m being too harsh on this diet, but I’m so tired of everyone trying to sell stuff by claiming it will help you lose weight. Most diets I see cause more harm then good because they aren’t sustainable, and it causes people to get discouraged.

There are better ways to change your body. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried every diet out there, I urge you to never diet again. Instead learn how to change your habits, beliefs, and cravings. It may take a little longer, but it’s a way to create change that lasts.

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