Scott Tousignant

Scott is the creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss, and author of The Fit ChicThe Fit Bastard. He’s been a personal trainer and certified fitness consultant for over a decade. In this interview he answers your questions about:
-the best way to tone your stomach

– what foods help burn fat fastest

– how much weight is safe to lose

-and more…


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Becky Dunn

Registered Dietician and PHD

in Nutrional Sciences

answers your questions about:

-is dairy good

– dieting and consistent eating

– metabolism and how to increase it

-and more…

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Kyle Battis

Certified Personal Trainer Kyle Battis

tells you how to:

“Enjoy the Body
of Your Dreams

– from the Comfort Of Your Own Home”

Find Out How the World’s

Top Trainers
are using Home Gyms to:

Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

Get the Most out of every Exercise

Make Workouts Exciting and Fun

Sculpt Your Body into Perfection

Eliminate Fatigue and Explode Energy

and more…

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