This hypnosis session is to motivate you to want to exercise and you can use it right now. You just have to follow along with my voice. Close your eyes or defocus them and use your peripheral vision. Relax your face, your shoulders, your chest, and your stomach. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath in and slowly let it out. Now, bring your attention on your stomach and relax the stomach muscles completely and totally. Feel that relaxation spreading throughout your stomach area, into your organs, into your muscles, everything relaxing, and feel that relaxation up into your chest, relaxing the chest muscles. Feel your chest open and expanding as you feel that relaxed age movement to your lungs and your heart and feel the relaxation move up into your shoulders. Relax on the shoulder muscles, let them relax and feel the relaxation continue to move up into your neck, up into your ears, and down into your jaw. Relax in the jaw muscles, feel that relaxation move up over your lips, up into your nose. So, each and every breath you take, you begin to relax even deeper than before. And now feel that relaxation move into your eyes and your eyelids completely and totally relaxing the eye muscles and feel that relaxation go up into your eyebrows, up into your forehead, and down over your face, relaxing all the muscles of the face. Now, as you check in with yourself, you can notice that you feel more relaxed, more calm, and your mind is quieter.

And from this place, you can program your subconscious mind to enjoy exercising to want to exercise and move your body more simply because when you think about exercising or moving more, you think about the outcomes, you think about how good you feel when you finish any time that you’ve exercised in the past. When you’ve finished, you get a glow, you feel stronger, your body feels alive, you feel good about yourself, and it’s this feeling that’s going to drive you to want to exercise. You’re going to feel pulled to want to exercise more because you’re subconsciously fixated on how much better you feel when you move your body. Now, the other thing that’s going to help you exercise even more is that when you think about exercising, you’re going to realize that you have options. Some days you feel really good and you have a lot of energy and you may want to work out harder, and that’s fine. But some days you may feel kind of tired or you may be a little sore and on those days, you’re going to exercise a bit lighter, you might go for a walk, let me go for a bike ride, something easy and gentle that still makes you feel alive because the more you move your body, the more consistent you become, the more alive you feel, the stronger your body becomes, the better it operates, the slimmer you get, all kinds of benefits happen when you start moving more, and there’s so many different kinds of exercises and workouts that you can have, the one that fits you perfectly for the moment, and as you start to focus on these workouts on these exercises, your motivation increases tremendously because you realize exercise doesn’t mean you have to do something you don’t love, you can adjust the exercise to yourself and where you’re at and so as you begin to move your body more, walk more, move more, breathe more, your body becomes more alive than it’s ever felt in each and every day you love this feeling and you look for more of it, and you know the place to find it is in places where you can move your body more, where you can exercise, and we can work out just the way that you want to, and after you put this together for weeks, months, and years, your body begins to transform into the most optimal version that you can experience. Now, as you enjoy this feeling, you can allow all of those learnings, all of those new focuses to go deep into your subconscious mind, so you naturally and automatically begin to move more and work out more because you want to feel that way.

And now, I’m going to count from one to five. When I say five, you’ll be fully away, completely refreshed and relaxed. Number one, slowly, easily return to your full awareness once again, feeling alert and refreshed, two, feeling good, three, feeling energized and motivated, four, feeling excited to start exercising and moving more, five, open your eyes and take a deep breath, feeling refreshed and ready to take action.

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