“Is a hypnosis session to help you lose weight in February and you can use it right now. Just follow along with the sound of my voice. Close your eyes or defocus them. Use your peripheral vision. Relax your face, relax your shoulders, relax your chest, and relax your stomach. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath in and slowly let it out. Now, bring your attention down to your stomach. Relax your stomach muscles, feel that relaxation move throughout your stomach area, relaxing all the muscles, melting away any tension that you may find. And then feel that relaxation you’re going to move up into your chest, relaxing the chest muscles. Feel your chest open and expand. Feel that relaxation move deep into your lungs and your heart.

Now, feel that relaxation begin to move up into your shoulder muscles, relax those shoulder muscles completely and totally, and feel that relaxation continue to move up into your neck, up into your ears, and down into your jaw, relaxing the jaw muscles completely and totally. Feel that relaxation move up over your lips, up into your nose, so that with each and every breath you take, you begin to relax a little bit deeper than before.

Now, let that feeling of relaxation begin to move up into your eyes and your eyelids. Feel that relaxation wash over your eye muscles completely and totally, relaxing those muscles. Let your eyes relax and feel that relaxation move up into your eyebrows, up into your forehead, and down over your face completely and totally relaxing the muscles of your face.

I want you to enjoy this feeling, this feeling of calm, peaceful relaxation, because it’s from this place, with your relaxed, calm body and mind, that you can naturally and automatically program your subconscious mind to start making healthier food choices naturally, so you can release the weight in the most effortless, easy way possible. And you can begin to do that by feeling a deep sense of love for your body, appreciating all the little things it does for you, and realizing that while you may want to look a bit different, that you still love your body. Now, that you cherish it, that you honor it, and you begin to create this physical transformation on a foundation of love, love for who you are, and love for your body.

And because you love your body so deeply, you want to treat it in the best way possible. You want to see just how good you can feel, so that when you imagine yourself at your goal weight in the body that you want to live in, you can connect to those feelings. Now, you can imagine waking up tomorrow morning at your goal weight in that body, feeling yourself before you even get out of bed, feeling that body, noticing what it feels like to be at that weight. And now imagine yourself hopping out of bed and getting dressed in the exact clothes that you would wear with that body. Notice how it feels to get dressed in those clothes, to be this version of yourself, inside and out. And imagine yourself moving through the day, moving through the day in this body, as this version of you. Notice how it feels, how it feels physically, how your knees feel more comfortable, how there’s less weight pushing down on you, how much more energy you have because you’re not carrying that extra weight around anymore, and how much stronger and alive you feel because your body is operating more efficiently.

And you feel alive and amazing physically and mentally. You begin to think of yourself as a thin, healthy person, as a person who honors and cherishes their body, and eats and lives a lifestyle that proves this. You crave healthy things, you crave water, you crave sleep and you crave relaxation. This makes your body feel so incredible. You feel alive, clear-headed, and able to think clearly. And you crave healthy foods and eating just the right amount of them. And because you start to feel this way deep within yourself, you begin to naturally act in a new way. All the unhealthy foods begin to fade from your awareness and your focus is drawn to healthy, natural, fresh foods that truly power the body that you have, so that you can increase that love you can show and shower your body with love by treating it the right way by giving it what it truly wants and craves, which is healthy, nourishing food and living a healthy, nourishing lifestyle that makes you feel absolutely incredible. And you get so addicted to this feeling of being alive, of looking how you want to look, of being the person who you know you truly are, that it almost becomes automatic for you to naturally and easily slim down so that you can comfortably live at your goal weight.

Now, I’m going to count from one to five and when I say five, you’ll be fully awake, completely rested, and refreshed. Number one, slowly, easily returning to your full awareness once again. Number two, each muscle and nerve in your body is loose, limp, and relaxed, and you feel wonderfully good. Number three, from head to toe, you feel amazing in every way. On the number four, you become aware of the room that you’re in and the body that you’re breathing into. And on the next number I count, eyes open, fully awake, completely rested, and refreshed. Number five, eyes open, take a deep breath in, and have a great day!

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