Staying Motivated

By far the most common challenge people face losing
weight is how to maintain motivation and stick with a plan.

This is something that I’ve worked with a lot.
In my private practice and in my programs
this is almost always peoples biggest obstacle
to making the weight loss permanent.

Understand that the secret to solving
this problem requires a different approach.

Most diets focus solely on changing your external
behaviors. But the problem with this is that you
start to feel deprived, bored, etc.

with Program Yourself Thin 2.0 we’re going to
reverse the process. You’re going to start by
changing your internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Instead of being giving a set of rules to follow
perfectly (traditional diet), this course is going
to be a process of creating a new self image and
learning how to install new habits that run
without you having to think about them.

You will not be the same person at the end
of this course as you were in the beginning.

This is because in the Program Yourself Thin 2.0
course you are going to make the changes from
the inside out.

This means you’re going to redefine who you are
and continually connect to that idea in a very
powerful way that makes motivation completely
natural and automatic.

The beauty of this approach is that even when
you hit times in your life when you get distracted
or emotional, you’ll still find it easy to eat well,
you’ll still want to move your body because you
know that it makes you feel better.

This is the secret to permanent change.

Remember, most diets focus on changing
only your external behaviors, with
Program Yourself Thin 2.0 you’re going to
change your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

When this happens, your behaviors change
by themselves, and willpower becomes unnecessary.

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