The hypnosis session to help you stop eating at night and you can listen to it right now. All you need to do is just follow along with the words that I’m saying, and you can begin by closing your eyes or defocusing them and using your peripheral vision. Or, if you just want to stare into my eyes, that’s fine too. And you can take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath in and slowly let it out. Now, bring your attention to your face and relax all the muscles in your face. Relax your shoulders, relax your chest, relax your stomach and allow that feeling of relaxation to move into every cell and nerve of your body, so that you allow yourself to relax and to breathe comfortably as you do. Now, you can bring your attention down your stomach and you can relax the stomach muscles even deeper. You can feel that relaxation moving throughout your stomach into the organs, everything relaxing and feel that relaxation we’re going to move up into your chest. Relax in the chest muscles, feel your chest open and expand as that relaxation begins to move down into your lungs into your heart and feel it moving up into your shoulders, moving up into your neck, all the way up into your ears and down into your jaw. Relaxing your jaw muscles completely and totally and feel that relaxation begin to move up over your lips up into your nose so that with each and Every Breath You Take, You begin to relax even deeper than before. As you feel that relaxation begin to move up into your eyes and eyelids, completely and totally relaxing the eye muscles, give them the break that they deserve for looking out for you and feel that relaxation move into your eyebrows, up into your forehead and down over your face so that all the muscles in your face are completely and totally relaxed and you can enjoy this feeling of complete and total relaxation because it is from this feeling that you can change your weight comfortably and you can do that by beginning to listen to your body.

Your subconscious mind communicates to you through your body, but it communicates in whispers, so you need to listen closely. And when you think about the evening and how you want to go through it, if you listen to your body, your body wants to take a break from eating, so that after you finish dinner, you are done for the night, dinner and done and that allows your body to take a break from digesting food because digestion uses a lot of energy. So when you stop eating after dinner, you’re going to find that your body has more energy and you’re going to find that your sleep becomes much, much deeper and more restful, so you wake up with more energy and you feel proud of yourself when you reflect on the previous evening and how you did not eat anything and very soon you’re going to start to notice that your weight is going down and it’s almost as if it’s happening by magic, but you know that it’s only happening because you’re listening to your body as it begins to slim down naturally and comfortably simply because you stop eating after dinner. Now, sometimes you may feel a craving and if you do, how you can handle it is by relaxing the same way that you’re relaxing now, just allowing that relaxation move deep into your body and from this place, it’s so much easier to choose a glass of water or if you want to snack on something, something very light so that you can sleep deeply and wake up in the morning feeling proud of yourself and so that you can slim down naturally and easily. Now, I’m going to count from one to five.

When I say five, your eyes will be open, you’ll be fully awake, completely refreshed and relaxed. Number one, slowly and easily returning to your full awareness once again. Number two, each muscle and nerve in your body is loose, limp and relaxed and you feel wonderfully good. Number three, from head to toe, you feel amazing in every way. On the number four, your eyes begin to feel sparkling clear as you become aware of the room around you and the body that you’re living in. On the next number I count, eyes open, fully awake, completely refreshed and relaxed. Number five, eyes open, take a deep breath in, and have a great day.

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