food marketers are the second biggest

group of advertisers on the planet every

year they spend tens and tens of

billions of dollars to get us to over

consume foods that make us unhealthy

unhappy and overweight ultimately and

there's one big trick that they use over

and over again that once you see it it

can really help you make better food

choices and it's actually a trick that

magicians use it's misdirection and just

like a magician is able to perform their

tricks by getting your attention over

here while they perform the trick over

here the food manufacturers do the exact

same thing but they do it by hyping up

one big thing on the front of their

packages and so you'll notice this next

time you walk into the supermart you're

gonna see this it's on almost every

package brand new flavor um healthier

new recipe

reduced carbs

it doesn't matter it's almost limitless

what they can hype up but the purpose of

that is that it kind of bypasses our

analytical mind and goes right to our

emotional mind and you know if we're

working on eating better

that little thing can nudge us to make

the wrong choice because that one big

thing on the front of the package kind

of overwhelms us to not think about the

big picture what we're doing so the way

around this is to first of all recognize

this is going on see it in the

supermarket look around and notice how

they're trying to get you to focus on

one thing while they deliver you a whole

bunch of other stuff and again they

could say new healthier recipe right

they could put that on a pine bed and

jerry's if they wanted to they could put

half a gram less of sugar in it and then

call it a new healthier recipe you see

so they can do this with literally

anything there's almost no rules to it

there's no rationality to it but when we

see that and we're kind of on the fence

oh do i want to get the ice cream or not

then we see new healthier recipe it's a

lot easier for us ah you know what's


it's actually healthy for me it's

healthy ice cream and so you know again

it doesn't make sense logically but

that's not where we're making our

decisions from we're making very

emotional decisions typically and the

manufacturers and marketers know this

and so they really highlight one big

healthy thing

to try and overwhelm us the way around

this one of the easiest ways and a

couple ways the easiest way is to not

look at the front of the bag it's to

start training yourself to look at the

back of the bag look at the ingredients

right look at the nutritional

information that's a much more accurate

view now i know that's not as fun right

that's another you know aspect of the

market we'll get into another video but

um if you can start to truly see what

you're putting into your body if you can

start making your decisions more

rational logical based you're naturally

going to make better healthier choices

day in and day out okay so that's your

job here next time you go to the

supermarket look for this one big thing

that they're putting in front of your

face and see through it be the person

who can see through that trick to see

the truth all right so i hope you

enjoyed this remember nothing tastes as

good as thin healthy feels have a great


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