One of the biggest blocks you have to losing weight is the fear of acknowledging the actual situation that you are in. There’s a good chance that every time you think about your weight, you’re activating your sympathetic nervous system – your fight, flight, or freeze response. So, when you start thinking about your weight and looking at it, you start getting nervous and scared and you don’t do it. The easiest way to overcome this is to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is easy to do. You can do it right now just by relaxing your face, relaxing your shoulders, relaxing your chest, your stomach, and taking a deep breath in. Now, slowly let it out. Take another deep breath in and slowly let it out. Now, if you want to go deeper into this, you can close your eyes or defocus them and use your peripheral vision. And, you can bring your attention down to your stomach and relax the stomach muscles as you relax those muscles feel that relaxation spreading throughout your stomach area and then feel that relaxation move up into your chest, relaxing the chest muscles. Feel your chest open and expand. Feel that relaxation continue to move up into your shoulders, moving up into your neck, up into your ears, and down into your jaw, relaxing the jaw muscles completely. Feel that relaxation move up over your lips, up into your nose, so that with each and every breath you begin to relax even deeper than before. Then let this field move up into your eyes and your eyelids, and completely relax your eyes. And let that feeling continue to move up in your eyebrows into your forehead and down over your face. So, now you’ve relaxed your body and you have activated your parasympathetic nervous system.

And from this place, you can begin to face this situation that you are in, recognizing that facing it and acknowledging it is the first step along the path to transforming it so that you can live in the body that you want to live in at the weight you want to live at. But, it starts by recognizing where you’re at, what you’ve done to your body in a calm relaxed way. You’ve done the best you can up until now, and so there’s no blame here. You’ve made mistakes, there’s things you didn’t know and you can accept those, recognize them and let them go because from this point forward it can be a completely new path for you, where you acknowledge that you have things to learn, things that you can prove improve on, ways to grow and evolve so you can become the person who you want to be from the inside to the outside. So that ultimately you become the person who you want to be and you live at the weight you want to live at so that you can face your body and feel wonderful about it.

And that feeling can begin right now. You don’t need to wait until you lose all the weight. It can start right now by connecting to your body at the moment and feeling a deep sense of love for this body that you have and begin to feel like you want to take better care of it, that you want to optimize it, that you want to make it the best body that you can make it. And it all starts by recognizing that you can change your life in this moment that every moment is another chance to turn it all around. And understanding this allows you to accept the situation for what it is even if you’re not happy with it, knowing that you can change it right now and create a completely different future for yourself. So start that process today and you’ll be happier tomorrow that you did.

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