Pavlov’s Weight Loss
Find out how associative
conditioning can make weight
loss either easy or hard.
Keep Talking to Yourself
Discover how your
internal dialogue
affects your weight .
Changing Habits
Discover the 2 most common mistakes to changing habits and see how easy automatic change can be.
Your Dream Body
What is your dream body? Find out why having a clear idea of what you want is so important to your success.
Instant Relaxation
Stop. Breathe. Relax.and you’ll feel better everytime
Peception is Reality
Discover how your focus and perceptions affect weight loss.
Have You Been Tricked?
Find out how what you see
influences how you feel.
What is Beauty?
Are our ideas of beauty
helping or hurting us?
Subliminal Advertising
Learn the tricks advertisers use to try make you eat more.
The Power of Words
Choose your words carefully
to make weight loss easy.
Self Hypnosis Trance
Watch this video and go into a deep comfortable trance.
The Weight Loss Elixir
3 reasons water is so valuable
to permanent weight loss.
Relax at the Beach
Take a moment to relax
at a beautiful beach
Paradigm Shift
Experience a visual paradigm shift about weight loss.