What Motivated You To Lose Weight?

What motivates you?

When have you been most on track with your weight? Success leaves clues and everyone has some experience of success, what was yours?

*How did you make it happen?
*What started it all?
*What was “different” about that time?
*What was going on in your life?
*What kept you motivated?
*What did the success feel like?

Share your experience in the comments section and learn from others.
You never know which piece of information could change everything.



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  1. Hmmm… this was an interesting question.

    Thinking back, the last time I was able to easily and effortlessly lose weight I was in a new relationship. I wasn’t even trying … the excitement and constant butterflies in my stomach pushed out hunger.

    In retrospect, my lowest weight prior to that was also when I was in a new relationship! I wasn’t trying … food just didn’t seem important.

    Now that I’ve figured out the solution … anyone interested in a really nice guy? He’s outgoing and likes to do things… but I really need to lose about 20lbs! ; )

  2. It was ten years ago… so I’m not sure how good my memory will be.

    I started working out with friends. I don’t even remember consciously changing my eating habits (although I’m sure they changed as I started feeling better about myself and working out). It seemed to come off effortlessly. I know I was working out consistently because a group of friends were coming to my house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work out with me!

    I had just had my first baby and so I was motivated to lose all the fat I gained with the pregnancy (I literally ate for 2 during the pregnancy).

    The success felt awesome! It felt SO good to be fit and healthy! I looked and felt great in my clothes!

    Probably the main thing that was different then is that I had just turned 30. I had always been able to lose weight through exercise until I turned 32 – I had people tell me that in their 30’s they weren’t able to lose weight any more. I must have believed them!

    Another difference is that I know I really did a minimum of 3 workouts a week because my friends were showing up at my house to work out with me!

  3. First of I need a reality check. So I always start it off with stepping on the scale every morning. That is usually enough to get me motivated. Next I need to cut out sugar from my diet, or I will fall into the chocolate trap at least every weekend, if not more. Thirdly, I need to establish healthy eating habits and from there on it is just a tweaking of my diet and workout everyday to see the scale go down.

  4. 15 years ago. I would come home from work and run for 3-5 miles everyday. Handsome as heck and very fit. I’ve since replaced running with drinking alcohol. Once the first drink goes down, all inhibition is lost and my body craves meat and fatty foods. I’m now 100 lbs overweight.

  5. The furthest memory I have of my body being in shape was when I was 17. At school I was a runner and high jumper, I didn’t ever think about dieting, but I must admit living at home I ate what was prepared for me by my Grandmother, sensible meals. After having children I would fit back into my cloths the day after the birth with no effort,
    I don’t know why? Over the years I have tried to educate myself about nutrition for health purposes other than that I did not exercise other than walking or short stints at the gym on and off over the years. Now I’m 50 working and not giving time for myself to eat properly and no exercise my body is really suffering!! What I didn’t do when I was young I can no longer not do at this age, it just dosen’t work. I have to make over my life style!!

  6. Great question! Motivation to lose weight for me was as simple as not being able to wear my clothes after my daughter was born. It was lose weight or buy a new wardrobe. Being a penny pincher, I figured it was time to just lose the weight 😉 That was 25lbs ago and I feel better now as well!

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